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Freshman English - Poetry Analysis (TPCASTT)

Franklin High School


Poetry Analysis (March 5th - March 9th)

*If you were absent during this week, look below for the classwork you missed to complete the assignment. Any questions? Email me at

March 5th:

Watch video of "What Makes a Poem a Poem" (see Cool Links and Videos sublink above)

Quick Write: The power of words (click on link to the right of the page)

Introduction to the TPCASTT method (Click on TPCASTT slideshow link to the right)

Take Cornell Notes of TPCASTT terms

Teacher models doing TPCASTT method (Mother to Son by Langston Hughes)

Do "Word Choice Word Chart" Activity in groups (practice identifying word connotations and tone)

Exit Ticket: Analyzing ATTITUDE/CONNOTATION in poem (click on link to the right)

Exit Ticket Resource: Tone/Syntax/Attitude Word List -(click on link to the right....Only use the first page of this link, where there are categories of different words you can use to describe Attitude/Tone in a poem)

March 7th:

Quick Write: "Top Ten Rap Lyricists of All Time" - (see Cool Links and Videos sublink)

Teacher models doing TPCASTT method on The Rose That Grew From Concrete by Tupac Shakur

Resource: Vocabulary sheet (contains words from assigned poems)

Work on doing TPCASTT method in groups of 3-4 (Read and analyze The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost)

Exit Ticket: Analyzing SHIFTS in poem (click on link to the right)

March 9th (Summative Assessment Day):

Review The Road Not Taken TPCASTT

Work on doing TPCASTT method in pairs (Read and analyze I Ask My Mother to Sing by Li Young Lee)

Summative Assessment: On your own, use the TPCASTT method to analyze a poem!

(If you missed class this day, email me at to set up a time to take assessment)

tone exit ticket
Shift Exit Ticket Handout - Frost
TP-CASTT slideshow

At the top of the screen, click on "Poetry Analysis - TPCASTT" link for more info, such as rubrics and poems used in class.