Self-Learning Modules

In Module 1, you will work with basic, intermediate and advanced features of Microsoft Word as you learn to create a Table, a Class Social Contract, a Class Picture Set and other Graphic Design assignments and projects. This is your first "Self-Learning Module". Follow along over the next week or two as we learn what Independent Learning is all about.

In Module 2, you will learn the importance of Online Safety and Digital Citizenship. Under supervision, this is your first attempt at working independently through the lessons and activities of a “Self-Learning” module. You will begin to work at your own speed.

In Module 3, you will add to your existing knowledge of Graphic Design and many advanced features of Microsoft Word 2016. You will learn about "Graphic Design" from a number of resources and will create a number of graphic design projects. For a final product, you will create a “Restaurant Menu”, a "3-Fold Brochure” or a project of your choosing to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of Graphic Design.

In Module 4, you will learn to create spreadsheets involving various formulas, functions and cell formatting. After learning to create Charts and Graphs, you will complete a spreadsheet of your own design following rigorous standards.

Essential Hard and Soft Skills are in high demand in today’s workplace. In this module, you will know and understand what professionalism is and why it is important. You will complete a series of Job Applications (paper and online). You will learn the significance of earning your "First Paycheck" as you complete a spending exercise. You will write a college style essay in MLA Style format.

What is Coding and what do Computer Programmers do for a living? You will find out as you type, debug and test computer programs. In this unit, you will code a program involving math calculations: Sub-Total, Sales Tax and Total Purchase Cost. You will code another program to compute a Grade Average.

Due to the complexity of this module, you must first complete Module 16 ( as a prerequisite.

In module 7, you will learn to create a number of Android Apps using the MIT App Inventor system. Developed by the “Massachusetts Institute of Technology”, you will begin with simple apps and advance to apps involving a number of screens. Some apps created will give you an opportunity to explore careers and universities of your choice.

The prerequisite for this module is Module 16a ( - Web Lab)

Careers abound for people who learn and know how to design and create Web Pages and Websites. In this unit, you will learn to use Google Sites to create one website of a “Personal” nature. You will create a second website with a “Professional” theme.

Who needs to improve their keyboarding skills? Everyone! For a period of 2 to 3 weeks, you will learn to “Touch Type” or enhance your current keyboarding skills. Each day you will practice your keyboarding skills. Daily typing tests and timings are required.

You will complete several Career Interest Inventories and Interest Surveys. You will learn to use the U.S. Government’s Occupational Outlook Handbook to explore various jobs and careers. You will explore Job Descriptions, Salary Expectations and Educational requirements. You will conclude this module by creating a Video Project or a Website.

Ever wondered what parts make up a computer system? You will learn all about the basic hardware and software components of a computer system. You will create a Computer Parts list and a Technology Consumer Buyer’s Guide to assist others in making wise technology purchases.

Not Available at this time.

In this module, you will explore a wide range of technologies as you watch videos and complete a series of worksheets. You will use Youtube videos as your primary source of information and create a professional presentation as a final project using Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint.

In the world of business, a wide range of documents are created for the day-to-day operation of the business. In this module, you will practice your writing skills as you learn to create Memorandums, Business Correspondence, Resumes, Cover Letters, Thank You Letters, etc.

Available Soon

By connecting blocks of code, you will code each programming task and see what the program instructions do. You will work through 11 coding tasks in Course 1 (Basic Coding and Loops) and 10 coding tasks in Course 2 (Loops, Conditional Coding and Nested Loops).

In this module, you will complete 1, 2 or all 3 coding Labs at The App Lab will have you creating Apps in no time. This App Lab is a prerequisite to Module 7 (App Inventor). There is a Game Lab to help you get started with Game programming. The Web Lab will have you coding web pages and Websites in no time.

Not Available at this time.

In this module, you will create 2 presentations. One using Microsoft PowerPoint and one using Google Slides. You will learn and follow professional design practices when considering your Audience, Visual Appeal, Content and Delivery of your presentation. Your writing abilities will be challenged as you write scripts for your presentations.

Learn to program a panel of 25 LED lights. Through a series of short videos and step-by-step instructional handouts, you will program games and other activities.

In today’s world of education and work, many people hold themselves back from success or advancement by not having the necessary personal or soft skills. This module will introduce you to the various “Work-Related” soft skills you will need for success in high school, college, and the workplace.

In this module, you will learn to create programs by watching step-by-step videos. While some of the programs do various activities, many of them are games you can program and play. You will select any 5 of the 20 videos available in this series. All the videos are high quality instruction.