Dressing, Style, Grooming, Skin Care & Appearance

Dressing Well

  • Be dressed sharp. Look like “somebody”. Dress as professional and as "high-end" as your budget allows.
  • What you wear tells the world how you expect to be treated.
  • Get custom tailored clothes (pants, shirts and suits).
  • Use cuff links.
  • Wear a pocket square.
  • Your tie, pocket square and cuff links should match.

Shoes, Socks & Belts

These are the best socks. Works with 85% of your clothes.

BlackSocks Business Light

Brown Striped (XL)

Blue Striped (XL)

Cool Clothes

Rocky's Custom Suit - Grey with Pink/Blue Pinstripes

AMPD Custom Jeans

  • American denim
  • Caballo stitching
  • Triple stitching

Birthday Gift from Ayla 2016

Clothing Accessories etc.

Blue Claw Gooseneck Garment Bag

My Accoutrements, JEWELRY & Every-Day Carry


Ayla and my wedding rings, set #2

Thin Line Carbon Fiber Glow by Runerefinery

Ayla and my wedding rings, set #5

Titan Titanium & Carbon Fiber by Runerefinery

Parsonex Income Rings

My Daily Stoic Reminder Coins

Junghans Max Bill MEGA with blue calfskin strap. Ref. Nr. 058/4822.00

One of the most distinctive designers of the last century, the architect, sculptor and product designer Max Bill left behind an extensive body of work, including one of the most fascinating watch collections of the past decades. For the architect and designer Max Bill, precision was an indispensable element of his creations. With the latest generation of radio-controlled movements, the max bill MEGA fits in to this legendary watch line perfectly. The minimalist design of the watches –which we have produced almost unchanged since 1961 – is also retained in the max bill MEGA.

Bloodstone Necklace from my Grandmother

Prada and Christian Dior Sunglasses

Gift from Ayla

Peter James Castano Passport Wallet

Gift from Ayla for 2017 birthday!


  • Practice good grooming. Be clean and odor-free. Check B.O. and breath. Fingernails.
  • Get your nails done (all twenty). You're a Pro, not a pig farmer.
  • Shave correctly with a double-edge razor, with high-quality DE blades, use a brush and high-end shave soap.
  • Take care of your skin with good skin care products. Consider subscribing to Birch Box.


Witch Hazel

It's inflammatory properties are excellent for addressing razor burn.

Hair Care

Dental Hygiene

Skin Care

My Favorite Deodorants

My Favorite Colognes

Travel Accessories