Health, Diet & Fitness

My Mission

Live a long life, free of sickness. I honor my body physically by taking great take care of it through exercise, supplements and proper diet.

The Simple Secret

  • Get Slim from Diet. Get Fit from Exercise.
  • Specifically: LC/HF + IF + HIT (Low-Carb / High-Fat diet + Intermittent Fasting + High Intensity Training).



Your body is a sophisticated and complex biological and organic machine. Treat it that way. Would you put sand in your car’s gas tank?

What really is diet (or eating)? It is fueling your body. Your body uses four sources of energy:

  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Ketones


Incorrect insulin levels wreck havoc on your body’s systems. Especially body fat %. Reducing/eliminating carbohydrates stabilizes insulin levels thus reducing body fat.


The key is to get into ketosis and stay there. The best method is being on a Low-Carb, High-Fat diet, Intermittent Fasting & Ketone supplementation.

The Low-Carb, High-Fat / Ketogenic Diet

  • Have a goal of "zero carb". It's not possible, because there are hidden carbs everywhere. But if shoot for "low" carb you'll end-up with more than you expect.
  • High fat. Yes, really. Lot's of fatty meat (ribeye, burnt ends, bacon, butter etc).
  • Low to medium amount of protein.
  • Article: The Top 5 Benefits of the Keto Diet

Keto Coffee

While the coffee is brewing mix the following in a blender. Shake and open cap to release pressure first.

  1. Coffee
  2. Heavy whipping cream - 30 mL (2 heaping spoons)
  3. MCT Oil - 15 mL (heaping spoon)
  4. Himalayan salt - 5 grinds
  5. Cinnamon - 5 mL (⅓ of spoon)
  6. Raw Cacao - 15 mL (heaping spoon)
  7. Ghee Butter - 7.5 mL (heaping spoon)
  8. Turmeric- 5 mL (⅓ of spoon)

Ninja Professional Blender (BL610)

Intermittent Fasting

16/8 Intermittent Fasting. This means no food for 16 hours straight, and only eating within the remaining 8 hour window.

Try to slowly increase to 18/6 and even 20/4.


HVMN Ketone: the world's first ketone ester drink. It's clinically validated to improve training, recovery, and performance.

Technology originated from a DARPA program to enhance warfighter performance in mentally and physically demanding missions. After a decade of collaboration with Oxford and NIH, HVMN Ketone is now publicly available.

Each pocket-sized bottle of HVMN Ketone contains a full single serving of 25g pure ΔG™ Ketone Ester.


Tracking Your Vitals

Remember, what get's measured gets improved.

Four vitals to track:

  1. Your weight (daily).
  2. The length of your intermittent fast (daily).
  3. Ketones in your blood, mmol/L (check weekly).
  4. Gluclose in your blood, mg/dL (check weekly).

This is a Wi-Fi connected and automatically sends each measurement to the Nokia app and my Google spreadsheet. Sounds like a gimmick but it's actually fantastic. Every morning I get on the scale and all measurements are recorded automatically.

Also, up to 4 different people can use it. It know who is who.




  • Lose weight.
  • Makes you STRONG!
  • Reduces stress. Increases psychological and physical energy.
  • Strengthens bones. Takes stress off of back and joints (especially back). Protects your body.
  • Appearance, chest, shoulders etc. Others respect you.
  • Psychological, feel better about yourself. Builds confidence and self-esteem, cascades to other areas.
  • Improves mood. 16 weeks of exercise can be as effective as prescription antidepressant medication. Increases the body's production of endorphins.
  • Causes your lungs to process more oxygen with less effort; your heart to pump more blood with fewer beats; and the blood supply directed to your muscles to increase. As a result, by performing cardiovascular exercises, you are increasing your body's endurance and efficiency.
  • Improved immune system. Makes you less susceptible to minor viral illnesses such as colds and flu. Aerobic exercise helps activate your immune system and prepares it to fight off infection.
  • Increased life span. The Harvard Alumni Health Study (1986), published in the New England Journal of Medicine, scientifically linked exercise with increased life spans for the first time. Since then, additional research has supported this finding.
  • From a master strength coach, "I also have come to see how easy it is to build strength with the kettlebells. After spending a year building the core strength exercises. (Cleans and presses, swings, snatches, windmills, and turkish get ups. ) Treating every workout like a practice. Focusing on perfecting technique. I am convinced that the kettlebell is the most perfect exercise piece of equipment on earth."

The Strategy

  • Stretching. I alternate daily between upper-body and lower-body stretches.
  • All you need is a kettlebell, and two exercises: the Kettlebell Swing and the Kettlebell Get-Up.
  • If you want to add a little "form" and "shape" to your body, you can do isolation-weight training. One set, reps to failure, use maximum intensity! Attempt to increase the weight and/or reps each session (eventually you'll only increase one or the other about once a year.

Kettlebells: 5kg, 48kg, 12kg, 28kg

The Kettlebell Swing

Use for aerobic conditioning. I do 60 continuous swings with a 48kg kettlebell, five days a week.

The Kettlebell Get-Up

Kettlebell Get-Ups - for all-body strength. I do three Get-Ups per side with a 48kg kettlebell, five days a week.

Forearm Exercises