National Rider Achievement Challenge Coin

National Rider Achievement Challenge Coin

In 2014, the National Chairman of the MPNMR recognized that our riders had no 'memento’ to show to recognize their

accomplishment of riding a motorcycle across Canada. Accordingly, in 2015, he commissioned a National Rider

Achievement Challenge Coin to be presented to our National Riders who meet certain specific criteria.

The coins were paid for through the liquidation of old stock merchandise from previous year rides.

These mementos are intended to be exclusive and unique, not available for purchase and to be presented free of charge

to an individual rider who meets all the following criteria:

Only the operator or Rider is eligible to receive this coin, the passenger cannot qualify;

• Be recognized as a “National Rider” by the Chair and executive committee of the MPNMR (having completed all

necessary documentation, fundraising and or payment of fees);

• Have individually operated a 2-wheel or 3-wheel motorcycle (passengers or co-riders do not qualify) for the

entire cross-country MPNMR;

• If the Rider and Passenger wish to share the duties of riding the National Ride, neither of them shall qualify to

receive this coin;

• Have followed the MPNMR route and participated as a member of the cross-country group, staying with the

other riders for the vast majority of the event. It is recognized that riders might elect to stay at their own home

for a night if the ride overnights in that area, or with a family member or friend on occasion. This will not

disqualify the rider from receiving a coin; and

• The Rider must commence the ride at the official start point with the other National Rider(s) and complete the

ride at the official Closing Ceremonies with the other National Rider(s).

Prior to the completion of the ride the current National Chair is to advise Bob Edwards of the name and fulfillment of the

above noted criteria. The coin will then be presented at the final event of that year. Should for reasons outside the

MPNMR or Bob Edwards control prevent this from happening, Bob Edwards shall make all arrangements to formally

present this coin at the most opportune date.

Robert C. (Bob) Edwards

Past Chair MP National Motorcycle Relay (2014 and 2015)