Tax Receipts:

The Military Police Fund for Blind Children (MPFBC) will receive all proceeds raised during the MPNMR. As the MPFBC is an official charity recognized by Revenue Canada, tax receipts can and will be issued for all contributions made of more than $20. These receipts are issued by the Treasurer of the MPFBC.

Medical and personal safety requirements:

The MPNMR is a very demanding event and each rider is responsible to ensure they are in good health to make the portion of the Relay they are planning to participate in and have all the necessary medical supplies and medical needs in order. If it is identified that a rider has or continues to put themselves or others at risk (e.g. medical, alcohol, drugs, illegal and / or dangerous actions) at any time during the Relay, the Ride Captain has the authority to exclude that rider from further participation.

Accident or Break-down:

  • The MPNMR is a very demanding event for riders and their equipment. All participants must ensure their equipment is prepared and maintained for the Relay as there are only few opportunities to conduct maintenance or repairs along the way.
  • All riders should have a recovery policy such as CAA that will provide support should they experience a breakdown.
  • The Relay is a tightly scheduled event that requires us to attain milestones each day so there is no latitude to stay in a location longer than planned due to weather, rider sickness, equipment breakdown, etc.
  • All riders must be prepared to remain behind and organize their own way home should they suffer an accident, sickness, equipment failure or other issue that will prevent their continuation in the Relay.

Security of Motorcycles and Personal Gear:

Each rider/participant is responsible for their motorcycle, gear and personal possessions.

The Relay organizers and the CF MP Group cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft that could possibly occur.

That said, we will stay at military bases and establishments for most of the Relay and we have never experienced any loss or theft to date in the MPNMR. Most all hotels are equipped with video surveillance or on site security.


The riders are responsible for their own costs such as fuel and maintenance for their motorcycle.

They are also required to cover the costs of food and lodging but this is mitigated significantly due to the excellent support we receive from Royal Canadian Legion Branches, CF Bases, local businesses, etc.


Lessons Learned – Items to Consider

While this this list is not mandatory, and it is at each individual rider’s discretion, these items have been added

and updated since 2009 through lessons learned and shared experiences from fellow riders and those of us

who have travelled extensively on motorcycles.

Travelling through the Rockies this time of year the temperature sometimes gets BELOW ZERO, as such it is

recommended that you pack your choice of warm riding gear in case of such conditions.

The items noted with a should be considered mandatory for you to carry.

• If you do not own a pair of riding boots which are waterproof, it is recommended you bring some

plastic bags to wrap your feet in, so your feet at least do not get wet. If your boots do get wet, put

paper towel/newspaper inside them when you stop for the evening to “wick” out the water. You may

have to change the paper a few times during the evening.

• A Bandana can be used to keep the wind off your next and face, and if need be rolled up and dipped in

water to act as a cooling system to wrap around your neck when temperatures are high. Also, in fire

season it helps as a filter cover over your mouth when riding.

• We attend Legion functions in the evening so a nice change of clothes for these events is a nice change,

but not mandated.

• There are at many of our overnight stops laundry services, and some are free, so you can limit the

amount of clothes needed. It is suggested keep it simple. If you want, then you can bring old stuff that

once used it can be thrown away after it is used. Many places do not have free laundry soap/dryer

sheets, so you may wish to bring some of your own.

• Videos on how to pack for motorcycle rides are all over Facebook/YouTube, you are encouraged to

review these to get an idea of how and what to pack.

• One time use Hand/Foot warmers are available at the Dollar Store and are nice to have “just in case”.

• We sometimes sleep in Dorm Rooms (Jasper) or in Armouries where both Male and Female share the

same area. For comfort and consideration, a Sleep T-Shirt and Shorts are recommended to avoid

awkward/embarrassing situations at night, and to be considerate of others.