About Us & Our Relay

The MP National Motorcycle Relay (MPNMR) is the something we like to claim is the; “World’s Longest Annual Motorcycle Relay” and it serves as a charity fundraiser which has raised over $600,000 on behalf of the Military Police Fund for Blind Children and other Charites since its inception in 2009.

2018 marks the 100th year anniversary since the end of World War I, the “War to end all wars”. As part of our Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) history we are proud to remember this important date. 2018 also marks the Special 10th Anniversary Edition of the MPNMR, our fight to help visually challenged children in Canada.

From coast to coast, the Relay passes entirely through all ten Canadian provinces, with stops at Canadian Forces (CF) establishments along the way. The Relay does not simply follow the Trans-Canada Highway, instead we go out of our way to visit CF Bases, points of interest, and enjoyable motorcycle routes. We also dip down through Southern Ontario to recognize our fallen CF members by retracing the Highway of Heroes between Toronto and Trenton.

Originally, the Relay alternated direction each year, but it now proceeds West to East annually. This year the National Riders will dip their tires in the Pacific Ocean, depart by Mile 0 in Victoria, BC and proceed to Newfoundland where they will dip their tires again, this time in the Atlantic Ocean, and end the ride at Mile 0 in St. John’s NL.

The Relay is open to all charity minded individuals. While the ride was originated around travelling Canada on the back of a motorcycle, we have evolved to welcome all types of vehicles. Should you wish to be more traditional, then we welcome all motorcycle enthusiasts holding a current motorcycle endorsement on their provincial license and all brands of motorcycle or Three-Wheeler (Trike or Spyder), yes even the Slingshot riders/drives are welcome. The only requirements are that your vehicle of choice and of course yourself are capable (size / reliability / endurance / experience) of partaking in whatever section of the Relay they choose to participate in.

À propos de nous et de notre relais

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