WikiHouse FirstState

WikiHouse is an open source building system: many designers collaborating to make it simple for everyone to design, print and assemble beautiful, low-energy homes, customized to their needs.” You can learn more about the open Architecture movement here.

We are WikiHouse FirstState, Delaware’s only, and the world’s first student-led chapter. Our goal is to develop a proof of concept for sustainable, locally manufactured housing for disaster relief, low-income, or reduced footprint applications. Inspired by recent events, we hope this project can provide a rapid solution to the displacement of refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

Our team is comprised of students and teachers in the engineering pathway at Mount Pleasant High School in Wilmington, Delaware. Our 8,000 square foot engineering design lab includes modern collaborative development tools and rapid prototyping capabilities, as well as traditional and CNC fabrication. This is an after school club for the practical application of our learned design methodology, with a local and global community-minded focus. The students on our team have extensive experience in applying engineering knowledge to practical challenges in our community.