Design & Engineering III

Our third course in the Design & Engineering Technology pathway develops students’ ability to interview, saturate & group data, brainstorm, and harvest. In a product based environment students are engaged in portfolio building and outcome-based evidence of their learning.

Go Baby Go

The 'GoBabyGo' project at the University of Delaware focuses on how modified ride on toy cars can provide fun mobility as well as address a wide range of ICF body structure/function, activity and participation goals.


WikiHouse is an open source building system: many designers collaborating to make it simple for everyone to design, print and assemble beautiful, low-energy homes, customized to their needs

Community Projects

Student teams interface with clients from the surrounding area, or internally to our school; help entrepreneurs bring ideas to market, or design and fabricate projects for our school community (Class Organization/Signage, Raspberry Pi Arcades, Special Needs Instructional Aids)

Real World Design Challenges

The Real World Design Challenge (RWDC) is an annual competition that provides high school students, grades 9-12, the opportunity to work on real world engineering challenges in a team environment.

VEX Robotics

Teams of students are tasked with designing and building a robot to play against other teams in a game-based engineering challenge.

Power Racing Series

Design, build and race a working electric race vehicle for under $500, using a Power Wheel or similar ride on kid's car.

SAE Super Milage

Engineering design goal for SAE Supermileage is to develop and construct a single-person, fuel-efficient vehicle that complies with the competition rules.

Design Project Final Report and Presentation