Moss Park House League forms are available in Moss Park Arena will be available September 9, 2017.


  1. Registration and Parent Code of Conduct Forms to filled out and signed by both parent and child.
  2. Birth Certificate or Health Card to confirm age as of August 1.
  3. Ages - 4 to 13 years old. Therefore kids born from 2004 to 2013 are eligible.
  4. Equipment Required: Helmet, Full Protective Padding, Neck Guard, Stick, Socks, Skates, Jock/Jill.

-- Provided: Hockey Sweater

-- We try our best to provide as much donated equipment as possible. However all personal equipment (Jock/Jill, neck guard, and mouth guard (encouraged) can not be provide due to hygenic reasons).

Please note we are working on adding an online enrolment system.

Used equipment: We accept and hand out gently-used equipment for use by our players.