The Lower School Spanish language program helps build students confidence via listening and speaking in the target language. The topics we explore are chosen to reflect students' interest and provide opportunities to use the target language in a meaningful and real context. The classes rely upon language practice in a variety of modalities: singing culturally authentic songs, teacher-student interactions, small group discussions and activities.

Lower School students come to Spanish class on the following schedule:

      • PreK- Grade 2 30 min class, 3x/cycle
      • Gades 3 & 4 40 min class, 2x/cycle
      • Grade 5 40 min class, 2x/cycle

  • Most of the work for students in Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 is orally based, but word recognition and writing words begin during Kindergarten. This gradual approach lays the foundation for the work students do in the grades 3 -5. Students are asked to respond to simple phrases and questions, and describe themselves and things with minimal detail. By playing games and doing group work, students learn to use Spanish to communicate. Singing is an integral part of the program, it is through this means that the students learn and retain proper communication and rhythm, as well as gain access to new vocabulary. Students in Grade 3-5 have workbooks, and work more consistently with language structures. Daily class work consists of four modalities: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


The Middle School Spanish Language program encompasses textbook learning, conversational skills and video programs. All of the course work emphasizes oral communication and phonemic awareness of the target language through communicative activities that are scaled from easier to more challenging. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are presented in scaffolds and manageable portions in order to help students internalize patterns and express themselves more clearly. The program is also designed for students to explore the language through cooking, dancing, acting and singing: to immerse students in an authentic cultural context. As students learn together at their own pace, they come to appreciate each other’s different levels, while strengthening their command of their new language skills.

Upper School students come to Spanish language on the following schedule:

    • Spanish I 80 min class, 3x/cycle
    • Spanish 7 40 min class, everyday