Moving With School-Aged Children – Things to Consider

Moving can be pretty stressful. And this stress can make anyone land into the world of fatigue which can turn out to be the reason for forgetting a lot of things. Among many things which we forget while moving, the major one is regarding the emotional and psychological state of our school-aged children who move along with us. The matter of fact is that children are affected by a move more than any other individual in the family. Sometimes, they may not even show their stress or say anything.

Things that children are usually pretty concerned about while moving to the new place

The fear number one children usually have while moving is the fear about making new friends and getting adjusted in the new school. Then they also worry about shifting in their academics, i.e. the teachers get changed and there are new curricula and standards they have to adapt. Leaving the current friends is another point which bothers them a lot. And last but not the least; they get really stressed if the move has resulted as a consequence of familial separation.

In most of the cases, children tend to mask their emotions because they find it difficult to identify those emotions.

Things that parents need to do in order to reduce stress in their children

First, you need to know how much your children are affected by your decision to move. Based on this quick observation, you can talk to them about their feelings and concerns. Here, you will have to make sure that you are doing this conversation with them in a calm and nurturing environment. Maybe you can take them to their favorite restaurant for a dinner. Tell them your concerns about staying in the current home and also about the way you have worked out to make the move beneficial in the future perspective. Hopefully, they are going to be more comfortable with your decision after this discussion.

You can actually turn moving into a fun activity for your kids by allowing them to participate in the planning process. For instance, you can take them to an online tour of the new place you are moving to. You can ask them what they like about the new place. Similarly, you can give them an overview of the places of their interest.

Give your children some extra time before moving. This quality time is going to help them in getting over the stress involved in moving. While spending time with them, you can advise them about how to say goodbye to old friends. You can also tell them good things about the new home.

Finally, you can ask your children to help you in the packing process. if they are involved in the process, you will find them giving you the help with their pairs of hands in a way nobody would be able to.