Alternative Ways for Moving Heavy Furniture

The time that you most dread the heavy weight of all bigger furniture or appliances is when you have to move it. Whether you’re moving to a new location, doing some reshifting of your house’s rooms, repairing something, replacing a piece of furniture, or even doing some spring cleaning to get behind a large object, the immense weight of some furniture and appliances can stress you out.

More often than not, you’ll almost always need another person to help you move something for your own safety. Our few solutions to heavy items are no different: be sure to have someone helping you, even if these methods only require one person to do the moving itself. Getting items underneath big items still requires someone else to tip something to one side so that you can slide it beneath the object. (If we haven’t stressed it enough, make sure you’re doing these things with someone else’s help.)

With that said, here are a few alternative ways to move your heavy items.

Cheap moving boxes.

Honestly, this is a pretty much free investment in moving heavy things. Excess cheap moving boxes can be broken down into “shims” of sorts that allow you to drag heavy things across carpet, hardwood floor, and linoleum easily enough to not have to really lift the object off the ground.

The reason this method really shines, however, is that it protects your flooring. You won’t have to worry about the feet of the furniture or appliance dragging against whatever flooring you have down since the cardboard will be between the two.

Furniture lifting straps.

These are relatively uncommon but some of the most ingenious things to assist lifting heavy items. Some straps connect to your forearms to quickly and easily get to moving, whereas others have a harness that goes around your midsection for even heavier items. Think about investing in these if you’re young enough to need them for the rest of your life or old enough to need them for the safety of your back. (So, pretty much everyone.)

Furniture blankets.

While these are best for protecting furniture during the shifting caused by moving vehicles, they double as a drag blanket, too. Much like the use of cardboard, putting a furniture blanket beneath heavier items makes it easy to drag your furniture along flooring without damaging the flooring or the item.

All of these suggestions are here to protect your item, your floor, and your own health. Remember to use something when moving heavier furniture, since it’s not always as simple as picking something up with brute force alone.