Moving a Messy Room

Moving a home is a challenge which can turn out to be pretty exhausting. And when it comes to moving a messy room, you may not want to have the fatigue which comes as a consequence. It would be ideal to clean up the mess so that you don’t take the clutter to the new home. As a matter of fact, moving to the new place offers you the opportunity to get rid of the mess and make a fresh start.

Messy rooms are usually the ones where toys are overflowing on the floor and the boxes are scattered everywhere. Now, you may want to imagine packing things in such a room before moving. You would honestly have no idea where to start with. For this purpose, you will need to organize the room before packing.

Organize home before packing

In order to organize things in a messy room, you need to put items into three categories, i.e. keep, throw away, and donate. When you will start organizing the room, you will find a lot of junk which you wouldn’t want to drag to the new home. All this junk is going to be useless so you need throw all these items away. Now, look for the items which are in good state but you don’t need them. These are the items which are quite suitable for donating. Donating these items will not only lighten your load but you will also be able to have fresh start while helping others. The final category belongs to the items which you want to keep. These are the items of your need so you have to start packing them.

Don’t forget to pack a bag with essentials

There are going to be a lot of items in the room that you need on daily basis. These are the items which you are going to need in the new home the moment you arrive there. So it is a better idea to pack those essentials separately. You can tag that bag with the name ‘essentials’. Items such as toothbrush, floss, toilet paper and other things used on daily basis are the essentials that you need to pack in that bag.

Label the boxes

Labeling the moving boxes helps you and your movers to place those boxes at locations those boxes belong to. This labeling is quite simple. You need to name the boxes with the rooms of your home. Now, place items of a particular room into the boxes which would be labeled with the name of that room. For instance, items belonging to the living room need to be put into the boxes with labels “living room”. You can also use color labels for better identification of the boxes.