Movers [Labour Only]

Do you need a spare set of hands to help move that old couch? We’ve got your back – literally. Save yourself the effort by hiring our strong movers to help move your furniture.

Do you have a heavy move? Ex. A gun safe, vault or any items above 250lbs. Please let us know in advance. Based on the item, there may be an additional charge.

Movers [with Trucks]

The ideal solution for someone who is all packed that wants to hire affordable help which includes the moving truck component as well. We have large sprinter vans (ideal for students with just a bedroom), 16′ trucks (for up to the average 2 bedroom apartment) and 26′ trucks (for household moves). Please note that our trucks larger than 16′ are often booked well in advance. View our live availability through:

Furniture Assembly

Sometimes landlords ask tenants to move their items into the center of the unit while repairs and painting is performed. This means that the tenant is left trying to figure out how to assemble furniture and then move it into place. Instead, you can book our experienced staff to take care of this for you.


Not everybody has a vehicle capable of carrying home every purchase. If you need something picked up and delivered, contact us for a quote.

***Please note that we do not offer junk removal at this time as we do not use our new vehicles [that transport expensive furniture] for hauling garbage.***