Political Action

Mary Ewert, Facilitator

Vision: We will promote informed, inclusive, peaceful and lawful opposition to the regressive agenda of Donald Trump and the Republican Congress.


A Witness Slip is a person or group’s position on a particular bill in the Illinois General Assembly. A Witness Slip can be filed for any bill scheduled for a hearing in an Illinois Senate or House Committee during the week prior to the hearing taking place.

To create a witness slip, you will need to Register and Create a Profile:

    • Go to http://my.ilga.gov
    • Click on Register (left column) and complete registration process
    • When registration is confirmed (including confirmation via email), you will be taken to the Create Profile page where you will be asked for
    • Name and Address
    • Firm/Business Agency – enter N/A
    • Phone, Fax (optional), email
    • Representation – enter Self
    • Title – enter N/A
    • (To edit your profile, click on My ILGA, View Profile, Update Profile)

When you receive a link from an organization asking you to fill out a witness slip, click on the link. If you have registered and created a profile, most of the information will be filled in. Each time, you will need to do the following:

    • Under III – Choose Proponent or Opponent
    • Under IV – Choose Record of Appearance Only
    • Click on Create slip
    • You will need to click on "I Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement" and a code to show that you are not a robot.
    • You will receive email confirmation

Complete instructions are found here: http://my.ilga.gov/Documents/ILGA%20Dashboard%20User%20Guide.pdf