Kate Seeber Kutrubis, Facilitator & Diversity Research Historian

Vision: From the very beginning, the current administration has openly attacked various minority groups: Religious, LGBT, Immigrants, Refugees, Differently Abled communities, and Women. The diversity team’s vision is to create an open, honest, and respectful forum to safely confront personal biases toward marginalized groups. Unless we confront the biases within ourselves, we cannot see the harmful affects that legislation and the language of dehumanization does to place marginalized groups in danger, on a day to day basis. The diversity team commits to providing trainings to awaken awareness of micro-aggressions, and biases that reside within. We seek to create a desire within each individual to continue to self educate and feel comfortable identifying and neutralizing attacks on marginalized groups. Through compassion, awareness and education, individuals will be empowered to identify aggressive language, and or legislation, and ultimately, listen and give voice to support those under attack.



Southern Poverty Law Center's Guide "Responding to Everyday Bigotry"

Courtney Martin's interview with Robin DiAngelo, author of White Fragility