Media, &

Public Relations

Evelyn Malone, Facilitator and Spokesperson for IndivisibleNWIL

Vision: The IndivisibleNWIL Communication/Media/Public Relations Facilitation team will oversee all press releases, fliers, business cards, proofreading/editing notification/events notices, before posting on any of our social media sites.

We will work with each facilitation team to coordinate all public relations activities…. rallies, guest speakers, town halls, etc. This will ensure that all information is sent out without conflicting views. All informational events will be in conjunction with IndivisibleNWIL’s purpose statement.

We will maintain an online presence for IndivisibleNWIL through our website and social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter.) We will accurately communicate our purpose/goals to peacefully resist the Trump Agenda. All of our social media sites will be moderated.

Additionally, this facilitation group will support all IndivisibleNWIL facilitation teams by sharing a weekly/monthly calendar of events, posting various resources/research; providing regular updates for action, trainings, and related issues.

We will proof/edit all written information from facilitation groups before release for public notice.

Indivisible NWIL’s Communication/Media/Public Relations Facilitation Team is composed of:

1. Facilitator/ IndivisibleNWIL Spokesperson

2. Photographer/Videographer

3. Writers

4. Proofreaders/Editors

5. Website Designer/Calendar/Weekly Update Moderator

6. Twitter and Facebook Moderator

A few guidelines for the use of social media

  1. As our goals state, “In order to work together to achieve this goal (Trump resistance), we must model the values of inclusion, respect, and fairness.”
  2. While it’s tempting to focus on the character flaws of our opponents (and we certainly can question ethics issues), let’s keep our focus on issues and actions.
  3. Please refrain from using any hateful speech or profanity.
  4. Don’t just spread information. Be careful and skeptical. We certainly don’t want anyone to use our website to discredit our movement. If we post anything that is unsubstantiated, then we run that risk.
  5. Don’t engage in argument on either Twitter or Facebook with anyone over our site. If you’d like to argue, which you are entitled to do, please use private chats, so that you won’t be speaking for the entirety of our group.