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Last week, Trump launched yet another aggressive attack on vote-by-mail by threatening to withhold federal funds to Michigan and Nevada if they proceed with expanding mail voting. As the president continues to threaten the basic functioning of our democracy, it’s crucial that we fight for people’s right to vote safely this November.

This week's Take Action Now gives you ways to demand that Congress take decisive action to protect our democracy, educate your community about voting rights, and build democratic participation.

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The tools we need to maintain our democracy in the face of COVID-19 are clear: vote-by-mail, early voting hours, and no-excuse absentee voting. Implore Congress to pass the Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act now to institute these crucial reforms. Then tell your elected reps to provide sufficient funding to pull the United States Postal Service back from the edge of bankruptcy, essential to making vote-by-mail possible.


A federal judge on Sunday struck down a Florida law restricting felons’ voting rights, paving the way for hundreds of thousands of people to vote. Help spread the word about felons’ voting rights in your state using resources from the Restore Your Vote campaign. Educate yourself about the rules on absentee voting and other voting procedures in your state, and spread the word to other voters in your area. Learn more about electoral reforms that will keep our elections democratic and safe by checking out Campaign Legal Center’s resources.


Across the country, voting rights organizations are stepping up to make sure that no one is disenfranchised by this public health crisis. Join Common Cause’s action team to see how you can help fight for our democracy. Then check out the Movement Voter Project’s list of organizations fighting to build power and democratic participation across the country, and see how you can get involved in getting out the vote in November.

Current Mutual Aid Projects


Since 2018, IndivisibleNWIL has partnered with a local shelter that cares for unaccompanied immigrant children. For 2020, our goal is to provide 66 backpacks filled with school supplies.


In spring, summer, and fall, IndivisibleNWIL volunteers clean up trash along Silver Lake Rd in Cary. Watch the newsletters for the next clean-up date!


Since 2018, IndivisibleNWIL has regularly contributed non-perishables to the Crystal Lake Food Pantry. For 2020, collections are scheduled for the end of March, July, and November. Coffee, cooking oil, and paper products are always particularly welcome.


Here are some organizations on the front line:

  • Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project - prevents wrongful deportations by connecting refugee families to community support and emergency legal aid.
  • Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) - protecting unaccompanied children who enter the US immigration system alone to ensure that no child appears in court without an attorney.
  • La Union del Pueblo Entero - founded by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, a community union that works in the Rio Grande Valley from the grassroots up.
  • No More Deaths is a humanitarian organization based in southern Arizona that provides water, food, supplies, and medical care to people crossing the border and advocates for humane immigration policy.
  • Texas Civil Rights Project - lawyers and advocates on the front lines of the family separation crisis
  • We Belong Together - mobilizes women in support of common sense immigration policies that will keep families together and empower women.
  • Women's Refugee Commission - advocating for the rights and protection of women, children, and youth fleeing violence and persecution.

Local organizations:

Heartland Alliance For nearly three decades, Heartland Alliance has been providing shelter in the Chicagoland region to children who cross our borders alone, seeking safety. We provide a safe, healing environment for children as they work to reunite them with family members. In the last six weeks, this work has begun to include a small share of children who have been separated from their families at the border as a result of the administration’s Zero Tolerance policy. Although Heartland Alliance has nothing to do with the decision to separate children from their parents, we are doing everything we can to keep children safe while they are entrusted in their care. As a human rights organization, this is what Heartland Alliance has always done for individuals who are most vulnerable—providing respectful services; working to secure access to justice; and shaping policies that promote equity and opportunity for all.

Learn more about the journey of unaccompanied minors and Heartland Alliance’s work.

Shape the conversation and mobilize support for this important issue on Facebook and Twitter.

Write a card for a migrant child to show you care. You can mail cards to Heartland Alliance, 208 S. LaSalle, Chicago, IL 60604.

Donate now to support the immediate needs of migrant children.

Heartland Alliance Human Care Services, Immigration"

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