Move with Efficiency

Large lifetime moves that involve a lifetime of possessions has been termed one of the most stressful events in life. Combine this already stressful event with family and children and the stress involved can be unbearable in many cases accounting for the nightmare stories involving these types of moves. However, by adhering to strategic advice, the moving day can be made much less stressful and because many of these things are done in advance to prepare for the move and the following living destination, these things will not get lost in the shuffle and reappear at the worst possible moments.

Notices including Change of Address

One of these tasks that gets lost in the shuffle is sending in the change of address request as soon as the new address and moving date is set. These requests take time, so filling out appropriate forms and getting them in is important. Other advance notices that should be made include notifying financial institutions, doctors and schools as well as friends and family with pertinent information about the new location. This should also include notifying utility companies of the new and old residence.

Plan with a To-Do List

Simply making a list and then checking off accomplishments will alleviate stress greatly. This list should be prioritized by deadlines. Also taking inventory is important for the list, but also for any insurance obligations that are necessary as a result of the move. An inventory is also important in rectifying if anything is not present at the end of the move that was loaded according to the inventory list in the beginning of the move. This is also an opportunity to lighten the load of unnecessary accumulations because fewer things to move means the costs in money and time are less, so declutter before packing up.


Plants require special moving techniques, so if plants can be donated or otherwise given to family and friends left behind, the load, time, stress and money in moving plants can be alleviated. Additionally, these can make nice parting gifts for these friends and family. However, if plants are making the move do not water for three days prior to moving. Smaller plants can be moved in personal vehicles so they are not impacted by either wind or the hot confines of a moving truck. Sometimes in long distance moves, moving plants is entirely impractical.

Hire professionals and find cheap moving boxes instead of using old used boxes that may be contaminated with foreign matter imparting smells and stains on items. Choosing to do this personally or by hiring cheap non professional movers will make life very difficult, so hire proven professionals, and many offer cheap moving boxes.

Tips for Moving Day

The average apartment requires up to 20 hours to pack by professionals, so single family homes require approximately 40 hours of professionals work packing.

Doing it personally, people will need tape and permanent pens for labeling all those boxes with information like if the item is fragile, and the where the contents are to be unpacked. It is advised to pack essentials toward the end of the packing process like toothbrushes and other required personal items because these items will be used until the move and will be the first things off of the truck for use at the destination. Pack heavy items lower and the lighter items higher avoiding heavy things on top of fragile items.