Open Courses

MOV38 presents to you MovIQ’s open course quiz series, your very own financial education hub giving you the platform you need to enhance your knowledge of economics, finance and the industry. We aim to give our members the opportunity to self-teach with the support from our resources allowing you engage with financial news and literacy with a more intelligent outlook. We offer a large bank of quizzes where you can learn new topics and test your knowledge too. We believe we have collated high quality information from a wealth of relevant sources and have made a very conscious effort to make it interesting and engaging to learn. Each quiz submitted earns members MovPoints. We are forever working to build and improve our resources and hope to bring you more new quizzes very soon.

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Often in finance we think too much about it being necessary to do a degree or seek a career in the industry to be involved. Here at MOV38 we want to make finance accessible to everybody. The Economics course gives members the opportunity to get to grips with fundamental economic concepts enabling a truer understanding of the economy affecting our lives on a daily basis.


MovX gives our members a brilliant platform to trade and compete on the stock market. MovIQ and this course together facilitate members to “trade better”, understanding the technical and informed features behind building a strong portfolio.


The cornerstone to economics and finance, investment comes in so many shapes and sizes, from Multimillion-pound hedge funds to penny stocks, having an intrinsic understanding of the concepts behind investment on both a domestic and global scale is the key to success in financial services.

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