Snowdon!! Why would you climb it?

Snowdon!!!! What the hell makes people go up there?

The first thing you notice when you reach the top, is that you probably won't be alone, infact, on a nice summers day you could be queuing for a long time to get to the trig point. Hoards of people, the noise, the bustle, the mess. Then the bloody train turns up and fills the summit with even more donning their flip flops, converse and other ‘non suitable’ footwear. Some of them might have thought on an have ‘pac a mac’ to protect them from the elements. Its ok though as they have a nice little cafe on the summit so they can have a cup of tea and not really have to go out in the weather.

Mind you, your day probably didn't start to well, where the hell did you manage to park for starters. If you were lucky enough to get a spot at Pen y Pass, you were then stung with a ten pound parking fee. Maybe you decided to park down by the Pen y Gwryd but that was full so you parked on the side of the road only to find a parking ticket slapped on your windscreen when you returned.

You have walked up one of the main routes, you thought you would have a nice mountain walk, with peace, quiet and solitude. Giving you time to relax and unwind from the pressures of everyday life. Hahaha, if only you knew beforehand that the chances of being alone are about the same as Donald Trump winning a charisma competition. But you are there now, you might as well carry on and reach the top. On busy days you will feel like you have done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson with all the pushing and shoving going on.

So Why Do People Climb Snowdon?

Unfortunately it's the highest, and with that tag, comes popularity. Afterall, people have only come to see what you have come to see, and why shouldn't they. Ok, it's got a train, isn't this a good thing, doesn't this give people who cant walk to the top the opportunity to see the amazing sights that this fine mountain has to offer. Why should it only be for the fit and healthy? Ok, it's got a cafe, so what, that gives some people an incentive to get off the arses and climb the mountain, knowing that they can have a rest in the warm with a nice brew before they have to start the descent.

At 500 million years old, it boasts some of the oldest rocks in the world. Shaped by the many ice ages the world has witnessed over the years. Steeped in history and mythology, from King Arthur and his knights of the round table to Rhitta Gawr, the giant who made his coat from the beards of the men he had killed. . Snowdon has something for everyone. From those who have to take the train to hardened and experienced mountaineers wanting to challenge themselves on some of the finest climbing that the UK has to offer. After all, why did Edmund Hillary pick it to train for the first ascent of Everest.

From the highway that is the Llanberis Path to the secluded climbs of Clogwyn Du'r Arddu. From the beautiful and picturesque Watkin Path to the adrenaline fueling Crib Goch. From the quieter Rhyd Ddu path to the secluded scramble of y Cribau. This mountain has everything and in abundance.

Don't let the crowds put you off, if you do like to be alone, then just pick the right time to go. Snowdon is amazing, Snowdon is there for everyone. Snowdon is very, very special. Enjoy it.