Riding More Better

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Getting Started

Free Training

Doc Wong Riding Clinics. Lectures are held on weekday evenings in Belmont, rides are on the weekend. Teachings are based on Keith Codes. Website: http://www.docwong.com/st-clinc/. A greatly helpful and very experienced group of volunteers makes sure that everybody has fun and is safe on group rides. All levels welcome, though the ride was very challenging in the slow group when I did it for the first time.

Christian Motorcyclists Association. Look at your local chapter to see what training is available. These are fine folk who share their vast experience to increase rider safety. Every time I take a course or meet them at an event, they are extremely welcoming. (Nope, I do not qualify to join their club.)

Other ideas for free training:

Street Rider Training

Cornering School Days. I was pointed to this school by a work colleague and ended up taking all the classes. The format is lecture followed by practice sessions on the Little 99 track in Stockton. Unlike a parking lot, you get to practice on real corners, and unlike the road, there are no oncoming cars. Coach Can's teaching style may or may not work for you, but the material is rock solid and has helped . me become a much, much better rider.

Alameda County Sheriff's Office Civilian Motorcycle Training. Do not be fooled by "Basic". These courses are very challenging and focus on slow and maneuvering skills. Rent one of their bikes, because you will drop it. In the class I took we did increasingly harder cone courses with very tight turns and U-turns on a steep hill on a narrow road.

Keith Code California Superbike School. I attended a "traveliting" training course in connection with a Doc Wong event and it was very fun. Instructor time was limited due to the large number of attendants but I walked away with a list of bad habits to fix that would keep me busy for some time. Instructors were enthusiastic and patient.

California Motorcyclist Safety Program. I took the MSF course, which was contracted to a different provider. Course content focuses on basic safety and passing the CA riding test. If you pass their test, you can skip the DMV riding test. Depending on the type of bike you ride, some of what they teach you will quickly become obsolete. Useful if you are a brand new rider, and as a better alternative to the DMV test.

Speciality Courses

Knee down. Getting my knee down, as silly as it may sound, feels like a badge of honor...that I haven't earned yet. But I am getting close. Over half of class participants were consistently successful and the little track is a great place to work on it.

Wheelie Course. I was terrified. I wheelied my FZ-07. A litte. The special wheelie rig is very interesting and helps you get over any reservations.

Bike Setup and track time. I love that little track. It's tight and technical, and slow enough that you can try stuff. Be warned that it gets very hot in summer.

Track Days

I've only done two track days, so not much to say yet.

Superbike Coch. Thunderhill Family Style Track Days. Well organized, friendly, and safe. All levels welcome.

Let's Ride Track Days - I have not gone to a track day with them yet. However, I know one of their instructors (he is also my mechanic) and have talked to their office on the phone. They offer a large selection of tracks and they are on the top of my list.

Renting a bike and Touring

Eagle Riders in Flagstaff. Even if you are not renting a bike, if you are in Flagstaff, visit their store and sit down for a cup of tea or a sandwich.

I've done the trip to Austin, TX, for the MotoGP Race twice now. Pictures and Trip Highlights.