Beginner Bikes

Rule #1: The best bike for you is the bike that feels right.

What does that mean?

  • It's comfortable; that is, it fits your body geometry.
  • You enjoy riding it.
  • It feels "natural".

When I got on the R6, it felt perfect...and it scared the shit out of me. I didn't want a bike this big, and I sure didn't want a bike that required that much skill to ride slow; that bike does not want to go slow.

So, I got other bikes, and this is what happened.

  • I bought a Suzuki SV 650 which is considered a great beginner bike. It is. It also made my shoulder hurt (which I could have fixed by changing the handle bars), and it was "puttery" which I hated. I put on 2000 miles and sold it to someone who loves it.
  • So, I got an FZ-07. I got a great deal on it from someone who could not pay their loan. It's a fun bike, and it wheelies and turns and is so easy to ride. I ws not comfortable on it, so whenever I had a choice, I took the R6. So, after a couple of thousand miles, I sold it to someone for whom it was perfect.
  • I really wanted a dirt bike. I mean, I ride the R6 on dirt--well, lots of dirt driveways out in the country. So, I got a TTY250, which is really easy and natural, but you can't ride it on the street.
  • So, I also got a street legal WR250. I love that bike. I put 80/20 tires on it, and it's shaping up to be the all-purpose bike I need for getting groceries or tear around my front yard (yeah, no landscaping was harmed in the process).