About this Site:

A common question from riders is where to get more training . This is a lists of the schools and classes I have attended or know enough about that I am comfortable listing them. This site is a work in progress.

About me:

I did crazy stuff on mopeds in my teens, including snow and ice an dirt trails and long distance trips when I should have been on a train. (My parents would have been furious if they had known. They did force me to wear a hated full-face helmet which just about saved my jaw when I crashed on ice, and from then on I loved that thing.)

Didn't get back into riding until a few years ago, because I was afraid I would be too daring and leave my kids parent-less, when an old friend brought home a bike and I was...jealous. Turns out, the decades have made me ... a lot less daring.

I have been riding my R6 for a few years and over 50k miles, and I am definitely still learning. I live in the SF Bay Area, and this site is biased towards those opportunities. Drop me a line to recommend a provider or class.

I am definitely into serial bike ownership.