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Open errata

2021: "When I press a green asterisk to go to a footnote, always appears the note beginning at the second line. The first one is hidden in the upper part."

Volume I: none.

Volume II: none.

Volume III: none.

Volume IV: none.

Volume V: none.

All volumes: embed animations with .mpeg, because .mov are blocked by the new Acrobat reader.

Suggestions for volume I


Read the books by

Add this on friction:

Christoph, maybe you can mention the microplastics issue?


Christoph, compare your text with these two books:

Add Kelvin's conjecture / problem

Add the honeycomb problem and its 3d equivalent

Add the difference between men's and women's knees

Add the exoskeleton without energy source that makes walking easier

Add all videos from the website in the text

Add the Dzhanibekov effect 


Suggestions for volume II

Suggestions for volume III

Suggestions for volume IV

Suggestions for volume V

Suggestions about the tangle model - and volume VI

Suggestions about the website