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Open errata

2021: "When I press a green asterisk to go to a footnote, always appears the note beginning at the second line. The first one is hidden in the upper part."

Volume I: none.

Volume II: none.

Volume III: none.

Volume IV: none.

Volume V: none.

All volumes: film embedding with mpeg, because mov are blocked by the new Acrobat reader.

Suggestions for volume I


Read the books by

Add this on friction:

Christoph, maybe you can mention the microplastics issue?


Christoph, compare your text with these two books:

Add Kelvin's conjecture / problem

Add the honeycomb problem and its 3d equivalent

Add the difference between men's and women's knees

Add the exoskeleton without energy source that makes walking easier

Add all videos from the website in the text

Add the Dzhanibekov effect


  • Add, in the Earth segment image, the arrows for convection in mantle and liquid core

          • Add the energy of a hurricane (wind 10^17 J/day and rain 10^19 J/day)

  • Add the heat sensing capapbilities of dog noses, recently discovered

  • Add Nemiroff's paper (April 2015) about spot pairs on the Moon; put the pocket light/tachyon left/right issue back in.

  • Add Fermat's point and Steiner's point problems

  • Add

  • Growth and order: add their effects: symmetry, chaos, oscillations; add their limits; add sensors; add applications such as semiconductors (M. Zech)

  • Add medical technologies

  • Add more magic tricks

  • Add flip-film from vol. 1, p. 24ff as animated graphics in the appendix

  • Add flip-film from vol. 1, p. 195ff as animated graphics in the appendix

  • MP: The chapter on entropy would gain in clarity if you showed how to reconcile the thermodynamic and statistical definitions of entropy. You could just direct the reader to a very good site from Khan university which shows the reconciliation in layman's terms. It is not done in the most professional (as in polished) manner but it is clear and it is the only one I could find.

  • Other improvements:

  • Check Hubble constant and other universe's parameters in the tables.

  • Decide whether to change to the 8x10 inch format also for the black and white edition. (Issues: corner films, new ISBN, no Lulu.)

  • Reduce pdf size by removing the photoshop/illustrator metadata. Either pre-process the ps files before distilling with awk/perl or use the commercial application 'pdf enhancer'. Saves 14.1MB (CS: I need a way to do this on the mac, offline, for all files in my image directory; just let me know how to do it, while keeping the original eps files editable with Illustrator.)

  • Convert all videos to one common codec. Use h.264 in case that by the time of the next book release Windows Media Player ships out of the box with this codec. Should save an additional 7MB & ensure future compatibility and playability across platforms - once all major platforms come with this codec. (The best way is with Avidemux. Download it from, drop your file in it, in the left column change video to MPEG-4 AVC (another name for H.264) audio to AAC and format to MP4, then save the new file.)

Suggestions for volume II

  • Add the story of Rudolf Mandl as told here (2020, ZS):

Suggestions for volume III

  • Add acousto-optical imaging

Suggestions for volume IV

  • Add more machines, animals, experiments & photos

  • Volume 4 and 5 are too "homeopathic" (reddit, summer 2016).

Suggestions for volume V

  • Add matter phases:

  • In Volume 5, include Sabine Hossenfelder's post

  • Maybe rewrite particle section starting with Lagrangian

  • Add how to ensure fitness (wiki sugg.)

  • Add first aid and medical equipment functioning (wiki sugg.)

  • Add bombs, explosives, ABC weapons (wiki sugg.)

  • Add more on chemistry

  • Add ion milling, ion beam physics

  • Add more on semiconductors

  • Explain caesium clock working / add CSEM atomic clock

  • Add the Mössbauer effect

  • Add more topics on power generation by chemical means

  • Add polarizability curve of matter from 10^8 to 10^18 Hz

  • Introduce UV / VIS / IR spectroscopy

  • Explain single molecule FRET

  • Explain NMR and ESR, explain pulse sequences in laser spectroscopy

  • Add mass spectroscopy, MALD-TOF, ESI

  • Add crystallography, X-ray, neutrons

  • Add inelastic electron scattering (for biomolecules)

  • Explain metal conductivity; by HD

  • Explain superconductivity

  • Add explanation on artificial eggs, artificial tomato, artificial shrimp

  • Mention Piotr Kapitsa, Lev Landau, Alexander Polyakov

  • Include input from the chapters on cosmic rays of particle data group

  • More nuclear physics, nuclear droplet and other nuclear models, check with the Springer books

Suggestions about the tangle model - and volume VI

  • Explore the relation between asymptotically safe gravity and strands. (Dec 2018)

  • Explain the appearance of lambda_8 in lambda_i^2 with words. (May 2015)

  • Draw figures with knotplot or with Blender. Make Blender movies of processes.

  • Show more clearly that a photon only interferes with itself.

  • Volume VI, p. 47, after equation (54), the text says "The limit on the left is the upper limit for any engine or lamp, as deduced from relativity; not even the universe exceeds it. The limit on the right is the minimum power emitted by any system through quantum gravity effects." Shouldn't it be "The limit on the right... exceeds it. The limit on the left..."?

Suggestions about the website

  • Reduce Image size

  • Add structured data