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Next PTA Meeting: September 4th @ 6:30pm in the Melissa Brannon Library at Mossville School!

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Thanks to your continued support, here are some of the categories the PTA funds, organizes, and provides volunteer assistance for each year!

Why Join Mossville PTA?


Band- We help the band by buying new instruments and music.

Sports Uniforms – All sports uniforms are paid for by the PTA on a rotating schedule.

Library Resources – We provide new books and educational materials for the library each year.

Weekend Snackpac – A lunch bag full of food is given out every Friday for eligible students.

School Directory – A list of students’ contact information is available to all PTA members.

School Supply Kits – We offer this service so parents can buy kits of school supplies without the stress of shopping.

Yearbook – A committee who takes and gathers photos for the yearbook. .


Book Fair (Fall & Spring) – Students may purchase quality books at school.

Family Fun Night – An inexpensive night of fun, food and games for the ENTIRE family!

Field Trips- We pay for all transportation costs for field trips and for one extra field trip per class each year with PTA funds.

Fine Arts Week – Art classes that may include painting, pottery and recycled art to encourage creativity. What a great time for the kids!

Holiday Gift Shop - An annual event where students are allowed to shop for Christmas gifts.

Classroom Parties – Parents organize and coordinate classroom parties for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Science/Social Science Fair – An annual showcase alternating between Science and Social Science projects produced by Kindergarten through 8th grade students. All submitted projects are judged and awarded by volunteers.

Sunshine Committee – Organizes parent volunteers to provide birthday treats to Mossville faculty, staff and administrators.

Teacher Staff Appreciation (TSA) Week and Luncheon – Coordinates a week of special recognition for the Mossville faculty, staff and administrators.


Kathryn Beich – Our annual sale of candy, wrapping paper, gifts and magazines. This is our biggest fundraising effort of the year!!

Box Tops – Collecting, counting and sorting of Box Tops, which are redeemed for cash for our school.

Spell-a-thon – An annual event during the month of January where the entire student body takes a spelling test in order to raise funds for a specific school initiative. In past years, we paid for new library furniture, new playground equipment, and a new sound system for the cafeteria!

Meetings are held monthly in the Melissa Brannon Library at Mossville School.

Please join us and share your voice and talents with us.