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P-EBT Site

P-EBT Update

The NM Human Services Department has established the Yes New Mexico portal where parents and School Food Authorities (SFAs) can now access student information on the Pandemic-EBT program. Through the portal, parents and SFAs can look up their students' information and validate, update or change their address or request a new P-EBT card. A student ID number and some additional identifying data are required for access. This flier includes instructions for accessing the YesNM portal.

P-EBT link:

P-EBT Update

The New Mexico Human Services Department will issue another round of P-EBT beginning Feb. 28 for students receiving free and reduced-price meals and who were in remote or virtual learning in October and November.

Additional considerations:

  • Families with lost cards: replacement hotline: 1-800-843-8303.

  • If an eligible student has not received a P-EBT card previously, it will be mailed out March 8 and received 7-10 business days after that.

  • Parents, guardians or staff may check P-EBT status or change addresses at the Yes NM website. They will need student ID, first name, last name or DOB.

P-EBT Questions

Help Feed Your Children with Pandemic EBT

P-EBT Update

New Mexico received approval for Fall P-EBT benefits. Due to the high demand for P-EBT cards, there will be a delay in the mailing of approximately 72,000 cards. Households who received their Spring P-EBT issuance on their normal SNAP EBT card will receive their Fall P-EBT benefit on a new P-EBT card. Cards will be mailed to these households in late October 2020. Thank you for your patience.

Students eligible for free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch at school can get food benefits. This is in addition to their pickup meals from school. These extra food benefits are called Pandemic EBT or P-EBT. The benefit amount is calculated at $5.86 per child. It is for each day the child was 100 percent virtual in school. That is until the school instituted a hybrid-school model for August and September. Schools in New Mexico had various start dates. They implemented the hybrid model at different times. Therefore each school site will have a different P-EBT benefit amount. To find out if your school is eligible and what the dollar amount is click here to view a searchable Excel spreadsheet with all the data.


  • NO parental action is required to get the Fall P-EBT benefit.​

  • The last day to get data to the PED that would qualify a child was Sept. 18. This was due to the tight time frame we had to get the P-EBT out to students and families.​

  • As of today (Oct. 1, beginning of federal fiscal year), the PED and HSD can do only address changes for benefits that were issued in both phases.

  • As of today, the PED and HSD can NO longer can issue any new P-EBT for any phases. There are no more federal funds available for P-EBT at this time.

  • HSD is in the process of issuing the remainder of the second round of P-EBT cards for new students and student on SNAP and regular EBT on or by Oct. 22 (approximately 72k families, and affect 92k students).

  • Families should be patient and wait for the cards to be mailed and received.

  • The second round will not be added to existing SNAP or regular EBT cards.

  • We do not know if there will be future P-EBT issuances, but please ask families to save their existing P-EBT cards.

  • Schools and Districts must continue to ensure that student data and addresses are updated, submitted, and validated in STARS or to the PED.

Contact numbers:

HSD Hotline- 1-800-283-4465

PED Hotline- 1-505-660-4822

FIS number- 1-800-843-8303 (card replacements)

Note: The HSD and the PED are working on getting a consolidated 1-800 number.

Website links for P-EBT information:

HSD Website:

PED Website Link to HSD: (Pandemic EBT is under Important information and quick links)