Local Mortgage Broking Agency

Although you may think that the services of a mortgage broker are pretty self-explanatory, you’ll be surprised to hear that there are a range of services that are often overlooked. These experts are an asset to any property buying project – and they can even save you thousands of dollars on the overall purchase of a range of properties.

What does a broker offer?

From first time home buyers to skilled investors, experienced mortgage brokers can offer more than just a good deal.

Cheaper interest rates

Of course, this is the most important service on offer. With insider knowledge and a rapport with banks and lending agencies, these financial experts are able to source only the best rates of interest and the fairest repayment plans. There are independent brokers who work with the buyers’ best interests in mind and these will typically find the best deals on a range of loans. Affiliated brokers who work for certain banks and lenders will typically only find the offers available from their own agencies. This can mean a smaller pool offers to choose from – but this isn’t always a negative point, depending on your needs.

Sourcing properties

Brokers are especially skilled at finding the perfect property with little to no input from the buyer. Armed with just a simple list of requirements and a budget outline, they can access the property market, speak to sellers and investors alike and can often get the absolute best price on offer without all of the hard work of negotiations. They can even advise you on the right types of areas to be looking and how to find the right locations for your desired amenities, too.


Not many buyers know this, but brokers can actually bid at auction on the behalf of their clients. An often stressful situation – or an event where excitement can take over – these experts can keep a cool head and make executive decisions that could greatly benefit those hoping to buy.

Help with paperwork and expert advice

With extensive knowledge, a broker can tackle all of the necessary paperwork involved in a loan application and can submit all forms by their set deadlines. This can take the pressure off of a buyer and all but ensure acceptance. As a mortgage application can fail without the help of an expert and the chances of acceptance greatly improved, it makes sense for buyers to invest on their help.

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