Morpheon Dark

A black theme at it's simplest, without distracting branding, backgrounds, images, or logos.

UPDATE: (November 13, 2017) - WOW. I made this simple theme for my own personal use as I always bounced between a Chromebook, a Mac, and Windows and all the existing dark themes were terrible at the time. And I published it only so I could sync it between my devices. When I realized a few months ago just how many people have been using my theme - needless to say I was completely blown away.

I have read the feedback and the reviews - and am planning on ongoing support for this theme apparently loved by so many people! Seeing over a million active users with so much love is just amazing beyond words.

Being a minimalist myself, I'd never DREAM of charging for my work, I DESPISE ads, and I am not one to beg for donations in my work. However, if you bothered to click through to this page, I assume you appreciate my efforts more than a casual user.

I am currently unemployed. I am also currently working on developing additional Chrome themes (and expanding into extensions) - as well as a few ideas for Android/iOS apps. If anyone would so like to help a single father in need, I've placed a way to donate directly to me to the left. Even the smallest amount would be greatly appreciated.

Again - I am completely humbled here... thanks SO MUCH for all the feedback (both positive and "constructive"). While I assure you the original theme will remain as-is (despite bug fixes & updates) due to it's fanbase; I can assure you I also plan to develop new adapted versions to address feature or design requests soon.

Feel free to contact me at the address below with anything you need, and thanks again for the support!