Morpheon Dark

A black theme at it's simplest, without distracting branding, backgrounds, images, or logos.

UPDATE: (July 7, 2017) - WOW. I made this simple theme for my own personal use as I always bounced between a Chromebook, a Mac, and Windows and all the existing dark themes were terrible at the time. And I published it only so I could sync it between my devices. I just realized today how many people have been using my theme, and was completely blown away at everyone's love!!

I have read the feedback and will absolutely begin reading the reviews and supporting this theme since it's loved by so many people!

I'd never DREAM of charging for a Chrome theme, but seeing almost a million users blows my mind. I am soon hoping to buy a home and get married, so... if anyone out there both feels generous and can spare anything at all - Square Cash is awesome! <-- (Even if everyone donated $0.01, you'd all obviously completely change my family's lives.)

Again - I am completely humbled here... thanks SO MUCH for all the great words and look for updates and fixes for everyone's requests very soon!!