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Here you find a few of our tours we made the last years. To give you an impression of the possibilities.

  1. 2017.09 South Morocco (10d)
  2. 2017.07 South West roadtrip (8d)
  3. 2017.01 Marrakech (5d)
  4. 2016.10 Marrakech, Toubkal & Merzouga (10d)
  5. 2015.10 A week wandering in North Morocco (7d)

2017.09 South Morocco (10d)

Another trip to magical Morocco. This time I flew with two friends from Amsterdam to Marrakech. At Menara airport our ways parted. My friends went to Imlil for a five day hike in the high Atlas to Toubkal. I went to the bus station and took the bus to Ouarzazate.

It’s a beautiful drive through the high Atlas, over the Tizi n'Tichka pass. You’ll see the most amazing views. And traveling by bus in Morocco is comfortable and cheap.

In Ouarzazate I met up with Morocco Tanger Tours from Merzouga. We walked around town and enjoyed a very nice Tajine. The next day we continued to Hassilabied via the Ziz valley. Hassilabied is a small town just before Merzouga. We stayed in a local house and we just mingled into the local life. We had diner at the local neighbourhood kitchen, got water from the local wells. And walked into the high dunes to watch the magnificent sunset.

On Tuesday we visited the market in Rissani. We got nice fresh fruit: grapes, pomme granate, Hindi (cactus fruit), apples. After strolling through the market and the city centre we headed back to Hassilabied. They were the best six days ever. Back to the time when I was little and spend my summer with my grandparents in north Morocco. Lovely.

After six days I headed back to Marrakech where I meet up with my two Dutch friends again. In the middle of the Tize n’Tichka pass we drive into a traffic jam. Some people walked along the line of cars to figure out what was going on. After a while we found out we had to wait on construction activities. They we’re blowing up a piece of mountain to create a new road. It was very nice. All the people in the bus shared their food and water, talked, laughed. The boys ran into the woods and came back with wall nuts. We had a great tree hours.

We only stay in Marrakech for one night, only because we wanted to eat at Terasse de Epice again. Just like last time, it was delicious. In a very nice ambiance you dine under the starts on a rooftop in Marrakech. I must say it’s quite a culture shock, from the quiet Hassilabied to the busy and touristy Marrakech. After a nice quiet night sleep in a beautiful riad in the middle of the medina we head to Essaouira.

Essaouira was a nice relaxed end of a great holiday. We had a beautiful, cool, quiet riad in the middle of the Medina. We strolled through the little streets, the port and along the beach during the day. In the evening we enjoyed delicious fresh catch of the day and enjoyed a nice hot tea on the terrace of the town square.

Again a great experience in beautiful Morocco.

I hope to visit again soon.

2017.04 South West roadtrip (8d)

I had the pleasure to visit my favourite country in the world again: Morocco. During the years I want to see all of it. I hadn’t seen the south west, so that’s where we’ve been. We is, my friend and our guide from Merzouga, me, a camera, our rented car and camping gear. We had 8 days for the following tour:

Day 1: Marrakech

Day 2: Marrakech > Taroudant > Tafraoute

Day 3: Tafraoute > Sidi Ifni > Legzira beach > Aglou Plage

Day 4: Aglou Plage > Souss Massa National Parc > Agadir > Taghazout

Day 5: Taghazout

Day 6: Taghazout > Sidi Kaouki

Day 7: Sidi Kaouki > Essaouira > Marrakech

Day 8: Marrakech

We had a great week. We started in 52 degree Marrakech. From where we drove the old N8 to Taroudant where we had lunch. Along the way we visited a water melon plantation. After lunch we headed to Tafraoute, we took a little road through the mountains through Berber nomad terrains.

In Tafraoute we found that there was a regional party going on, music, great food, fantasia shows. Very impressive. The next day we went off-road to find the Blue Rock formation and the ancient gazelle carvings. After some sightseeing we drove through the mountains to the coast. The entire coast from Sidi Ifni up to Agadir is covered in an ocean mist. We had lunch in Mirleft, tea in Sidi Ifni and we stayed at a camping in Aglou Plage.

From Aglou plage we headed up to Taghazout. We passed the Sous Massa National Parc and Agadir, where we took a little break and look around. In Taghazout we booked a camp site for 2 nights and we relaxed a bit at the ocean front. Relaxing at the beach, swimming in the ocean, chilling in the little surfer village, eating delicious fish tajines.

After the buzzing surfer village Taghazout we drove up the coast to the quiet Sidi Kaouki, which is nothing more than a few local homes, three or four little surfer hotels, a campsite and a very big, empty beach. Beautiful!

The last day we drove to Essaouira for breakfast in the Medina. A part of the medina was closed for a movie set. And the ramparts where closed for renovation. So we headed for the port. A buzzing place of local fisherman, a fish market, a great place to see the island Mogador. After strolling through Essaouira we headed back to Marrakech. Where we arrived looking back on a magnificent trip! And already making plans for our next tour in Morocco…

Morocco Tanger Tours, thank you for a great trip!!

2017.01 Magical Marrakech (5d)

The red city, Marrakech! Perfect for a five day trip. Five days is enough to enjoy all the highlights of Marrakech. We rented an apartment near Jardin Marjorelle. A good location to start wandering the city.

Day 1: we strolled through the souks, the Jewish quarter, had lunch overlooking Jemaa El Fna and visited the Koutoubia Mosque grouds and the Mamounia gardens.

Day 2: after a visit to our neighbours Jardin Marjorelle, we walked via Gueliz (where we enjoyed lunch) to the Menara park. Here we had a nice tea, a walk in the park, we visited the gate house at the water reservoir. A relaxing afternoon before we headed to Jemaa El Fna again for diner. After we ordered tea and watched the city pass at the square.

Day 3: we headed to the medina early with a list of things to see. Everything is close to each other, so prepare good, so you find the most effective route. We visited:

Day 4: we drove around Marrakech, its very nice to see the fields, little local villages, the palmeries. Nice to escape the busy city for a day.

Day 5: the last day in Marrakech, a terrace day. After a long breakfast near our apartment we headed to the medina without a goal, just wander around. Very nice. Then we had a very long lunch overlooking Jemaa El Fna. Wandering back to the apartment for a little siesta, and getting ready for our last diner in this magical city.

I’ve visited Marrakech before, but always one or two days max. Five days is a good period to visit al the highlights at your own pace. If there is one tip I can give you: know what you want to do and stick to it. Just want to wander around the city, without being bothered? Ignore people, don’t make eye contact, wear sunglasses, don’t react to questions or comments and don’t smile. All signs for Moroccans to start a conversation. You might think it’s rude, but it’s not. You’ll find your own way to do it comfortable.

Magical Marrakech!

Her beautiful medina, her vibrant people and delicious food.


2016.10 Marrakech + Toubkal + Merzouga (10d)

Our friends want to hike up to Mount Kilimanjaro. We happen to know a place to exercise, the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Therefore, we packed our bags and headed to South Morocco.

Day 1: we started slowly. We booked a very nice riad in the Medina of Marrakech and relaxed for the next days to come.

Day 2: we headed from Marrakech to Imlil. Here we found our hotel just at the trail we wanted to hike. We unpacked, walked around a bit and where amazed by the beauty of the Imlil valley.

Day 3: we started the tour to the summit of Toubkal. One of the hiking party just joined to Sidi Chamarouckh. The rest continued to the CAF refuge. It’s magnificent. You’ll be speechless. The size of things, the views, and the wildlife you’ll see. Beautiful!

Day 4: Hike from refuge CAF to the summit of Toubkal. Stay there for a little bit if time and day light allow. Then hike back to the CAF refuge.

Day 5: Hike back from the CAF refuge to Imlil. Finish your three-day tour to Toubkal in the tranquil Imlil valley. After we didn’t stay in Imlil, we headed back to Marrakech.

Day 6: A relaxing day in Marrakech. Walking through the median, eating local snacks, watching life go by at Jemee el Fna and preparing for part 2 of our amazing week.

Day 7: Get up early, throw your baggage in the car and drive. Today we drove to the magnificent: Aït ben Haddou, Ouarzazate and Boumalne de Dades. Tip: get to know your driver and guide instead of your fellow passengers. If you want something, change the route, watch something special, and need to make some arrangements? They can help you.

Day 8: Get up early for a tour in the Thinghir valley and visit Todra de Gorge before heading to Merzouga. Once in Merzouga we changed our van for a dromedary. What an impressive trip, just shake trough the dunes to Erg Chebbi to see the magnificent sunset. We slept in the Sahara, under the stars. Amazing!

Day 9: After enjoying the Sahara sunrise, we headed back to the hotel for a quick shower and breakfast. After we had to drive back from Merzouga to Marrakech. A very long day. However, they were exiting, beautiful, fun kilometers.

Day 10: our last day we had no plans. Just relax, walk into the medina, have a nice siesta. Off course end with a delicious diner to close of this amazing holiday. Tired but satisfied we looked back on a great week. And quietly the plans for a next trip to Morocco are made.

Thank you Amazing Morocco and Morocco Tanger Tours!

Until the next time!

2015.10 A week wandering in North Morocco (7d)

A week in Tanger! A great period to discover the city and beautiful North Morocco.

Day 1: Ready to discover Tanger. We started and Café Haffa and headed down to the port via: the Fenitian graves, the Kasbah, the medina, Place 45, the (fish)market, gran theatro Cervantes. A very nice route to discover many of the highlights of Tanger.

Day 2: our second day, time to get up early. We start with a very beautiful tour through the lush Rif mountains to Chefchaouen, the blue pearl of Morocco. A very tranquil little city to walk around in. Don’t forget to look passed the little houses and streets to the magnificent mountain views. We took on the local challenge: stand 1 minute in the mountain river water. One of us made it, two off us didn’t.

After lunch and tea we headed back to Tanger, but we took the coastal road back, via: Tetouanne, Martil, M’Diq (stop in the port for sardines), Fnideq (visit the market), Ksar es Seghir, Playa Blanca. A beautiful and very diverse route, from local tiny villages, to the marinas for the rich and famous, you’ll see it all.

Day 3: After breakfast at Café the Paris, we discovered the newer part of town. For lunch we headed to Cap Spartel. Escape the city and enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Tanger. In the night we changed for diner, drinks and dance. Tanger has a view very nice restaurant who also arrange live music.

Day 4: from Tanger it’s a nice, reasonably short drive to Asilah. A very dreamy, multicultural village. It’s always nice to stroll through the little streets and visit the panoramic view along the ocean. Asilah always has a very relaxed atmosphere. Finished exploring the town? Head to one of the beautiful beaches near Asilah. However, please be careful for the strong currents.

Day 5: this day is a bit like day 3, stroll through the city in the morning, and head to the beaches after. The Moroccans visit the beaches mostly in summer. Therefore, early October, you have a good change to find the beaches almost empty. However, we don’t see that as a problem, we like that very much.

Day 6: we got up early and jumped in the car to Casablanca. We got off the highway to have breakfast along the way. The restaurants along the highway are ok, but we wanted a little more of a local experience. Once in Casablanca we headed to the coast, to the famous, majestic grand Mosque. We bought tickets and followed an English speaking tour on a well appropriate distance. Its nog obliged, but it’s nice to where a scarf over your hair ladies. After we walked along the coast to find a nice restaurant for lunch. After lunch, we left Casablanca and headed to Rabat for a quick tour and an early diner. After diner, we drove back to Tanger. A busy but relaxing day, in which we visited a view of the Moroccan highlights.

Day 7: our last day. We always like to take our time. Thake a long breakfast in the morning, stroll through the medina. Take even more time for lunch, and an after lunch break at the beach. Of course preparing for a very nice last diner in Tanger, toasting to a quick return!

If you have another week, there is enough to do, discover, see and taste in North Morocco. We’ll keep you posted on our next trip in this beautiful lush region.

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