Adventure sports

Camel riding

Visiting the Moroccan Sahara desert without a camel trek is an incomplete journey. Camels or to be precise dromedaries are animals living exclusively in the desert, often used by locals for different purposes like herding, transporting luggage and are source of food as well. The splendor in riding camels lies in the reality that they were the ultimate transportation device for caravans anciently. It will take you back to old times, traveling long distances through the magnificent desert.

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Desert biking

Quads are small 4x4 vehicles in the shape of bikes. These 4-wheels bikes are ideal for amateur travelers who would love to discover Erg Chebbi and set themselves free in the wild. Driving Quads does not require any prior experience or driving license, but driver has to be able to control the vehicle as he’s supposed to drive through sandy and rough off-roads, thus you can request a guide who’ll teach you how to use it properly. Quads are rent on the basis of duration of service. You can hire quads from points of interest in Merzouga or contact us to book the service for you.

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Experience the Sahara desert and enjoy sandboarding in Merzouga at the largest high sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. Sandboarding increased in popularity over recent years for both amateurs and professionals. To avid snowboarders and skiers, sandboarding may seem like a piece of cake. Despite soft and warm sand, sandboarding involves hiking steep dunes. But your reward is zooming down at speeds up to 50 mph!

You can pair a sandboarding excursion with camel trekking, star gazing and camping in the desert dunes.

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(Kite) surfing

Morocco borders the Atlantic, with beaches as far as the eye can see, and has some world-class kitesurfing spots. Depending on the region you can kitesurf Morocco all year around. Morocco boasts some of the most reliable wind conditions in the world which makes it a very popular kitesurfing destination.

The best time to visit Essaouira is from April to October, with temperatures between 25-30 degrees, cooled by the constant Atlantic breeze.

The region of Dakhla can be visited all year around, but the summer temperatures can be extreme. The best time to travel here is from September to May.

Combining kitesurfing in Morocco with some holiday touring is a great way to experience this rich, colourful and unique culture, astounding landscapes and cities.

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We can support and guide your hiking trip into the mountains and the desert. We offer some amazing opportunities for you to go trekking in Morocco. We, and the Berber people of the Moroccan High Atlas, have trekking in our blood.

We will safely guide you and your group through the beautiful terrain of the High Atlas. With us you can climb the first and second highest peaks in North Africa. You can even ski down them in winter.

We can arrange you a custom tour and we offer you our 4 or 5 day High Atlas hiking tour. Our custom tours range from guided walks taking a single day, to detailed, meticulously planned treks that utilise tents, mules, guides and good, quality time spent with the ancient Berber people of the mountains.

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Check out our 4 or 5 day High Atlas hiking tour.

Challanging Atlas trekking:

  • 3876 m. Oumlilene
  • 3900 m. Tazaghart
  • 3900 m. Tizi N'Toubkal
  • 4002 m. Bouguinoussene
  • 4030 m. Akioud

  • 4040 m. Clochetons
  • 4043 m. Afalla
  • 4083 m. Ras Ouanoukrim
  • 4089 m. Timzgude
  • 4167 m. Toubkal


Morocco is offering something and somewhere different for an adventurous rock climbing holiday. The weather is generally very good (particularly in the winter) and the rock climbing is good on generally solid rock. The three main rock climbing areas are all situated in the mountains, which are Tafraoute, Todra Gorge, and Taghia Gorge.

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Rock Climbing in the Todra Gorge

The Todra Gorge is situated in the High Atlas Mountains. The scenery is spectacular with high limestone cliffs that provide bolted sport routes up to 300m long. This area is one of Morocco’s largest and well developed climbing areas with over 400 routes across a wide range of grades. The quality and variety of the limestone rock is excellent, and the potential for further new route development is immense.

The best time to visit the Todra Gorge is in the spring and autumn with late March to early May being especially good. It is possible to climb during the winter though it can be cold, especially at night. The summer is just too hot.

Rock climbing in the Taghia Gorge

The Taghia Gorge is situated in the High Atlas Mountains, and provides the best big wall climbing in Morocco with routes up to 800m long. The small village of Taghia is at 1900m and is surrounded by overhanging red limestone walls and peaks up to 3000m high. However Taghia village is remote with no tarmac road for access and therefore it requires at least a 4x4 vehicle to gain access to the valley, a truly adventurous experience. There are currently over 100 routes developed.

The best time to visit the gorge is from early April to the end of October though it can get hot in the summer

Rock Climbing at Tafraoute

Situated around 125km southeast of Agadir, Tafraoute is located in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas. The Jebel el Kest massif provide some excellent adventurous, traditional rock climbing with miles of solid superb quartzite rock to choose from. There is also a wide variety of climbing from bouldering, single pitch roadside crags to long multi-pitch routes (up to 800m long) on big walls, high ridges and summits. However this beautiful and rugged mountain terrain is surprisingly quick and easy to access.

The area has only recently been developed and hence still offers excellent opportunities for developing new routes and exploring. There is a wide range of grades to choose from.

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