Phone Tree Messages


Callers, thank you very, very much fro what you are doing. The phone is a lifeline for many people now.

We really appreciate that you are making lots of calls unprompted but every so often there will also be some thing we particularly want conveyed. So, this time around...

Before you ring

  1. Please update the list of people you call. There has been some tweaking as more people have offered to be callers. We will give you the list.
  2. Please be ready to jot down anything significant from each call.
    1. Some people have been emailing us with a comment about how each person is; any needs etc.. That is hugely helpful to us, enabling us to keep our fingers on the pulses. We want to ask all of you to please do that and, if possible send it to all 3 pastors.

When you ring, please cover the following

  1. How are you?
    1. Callers, can you please email the staff with a wee comment on your conversation with each person?
  2. Are you unable to access online resources but would like some?
    1. Our only option at the moment is the phone and we would like to know who needs someone to ring with a devotion or Bible study or whatever.
  3. Are you having any trouble accessing the Sunday online service?
    1. If we know who is, we can ring them and see if we can help.
  4. Would you like help to join the various Zoom events?
    1. We can ring and talk people through it
    2. There is a "how to" video on our website.
  5. Are you able to make little videos or audio recordings that could be part of our Sunday online church?
    1. There is info about this on our website.

After you have rung

1. Please do send us a comment about each person you have called.


  1. Greeting and introduce yourself
  2. We are developing a phone tree so that we can contact everyone in the church.
  3. There might be changes but, for the moment, I will be the person ringing you.
    1. Please feel free to ring me at any time too if there is anything I, or we, can do to help.
  4. How are you feeling about all that is going on?
  5. Are you up-to-date with the restrictions imposed by Alert Level 4?
  6. Are there things you need now (e.g. prayer, shopping...)?
  7. Do you have any questions?