Morning Star Baptist Church

Rev. Dr. L. A. Lewis Pastor

1513 Rorer Ave., SW

Roanoke, Virginia 24016



COVID - 19

Morning Star Family,

Today is the day that the Lord has made. We must rejoice and be glad in it. Regardless of the time in which we are living when COVID-19 is spreading at an alarming rate, we are reminded that God is still large and in charge. Everything over our heads is under his feet.

Just as God cares about each of us, your pastor and the officers of Morning Star care about each of you. We are especially concerned about the elderly and those with health challenges. These are the individuals who are most at risk of complications if they contract COVID-19.

It is due to our concern for each of you that we decided to plan and not panic. We decided to protect and not procrastinate. We decided to prevent harm and not spread it. Therefore, we decided to postpone services until we could shift the atmosphere and allow the Lord to continue to guide our footsteps as we listen to the guidance of the CDC and our government officials, until the storm of the virus passes, and we can get back to our normal activities of praise and worship in the sanctuary of our Lord.

As we pause from our regular activities at Morning Star, let us take time to enjoy the gifts that God has given us. The gifts of family, quiet time, fasting and prayer. Let us commit to increase our Bible reading time and grow closer to the Lord. Let us check on our neighbors and look out for those who might especially struggle during this time.

When listening to the news and hearing of things that cause us to feel as if the foundation beneath us shakes, let us remember the words of the Psalmist in Psalm 24:1, “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein” and, He is still large and in charge.

Be blessed. This too will pass. We will fellowship together again soon and yes, the best is yet to come.

Rev. Dr. L. A. Lewis


In order to keep everyone safe and to stay connected during the COVID 19 shelter in place, Morning Star Baptist Church will be utilizing the ZOOM Application to stay connected. Please see the link below to download the ZOOM app.