Redesigning Destiny: The Narrow Path

They say death, divorce, and relocating are the 3 most stressful life events that a person can go through. Aeileon, an Ex-Convict/ Drug Dealer/ Hop Hop Recording Artist went through all of these experiences within a year's time. This brief biography details the thinking that it took for one man to wake up & find salvation in Jesus Christ.



They Want Blood: Send Me

In 2020, we all made a subconscious decision about what side we would serve, good or evil.

In 2021, we began to gravitate toward our destined paths in life.

The world is accelerating at lightning-fast speeds. Technology is advancing, science and spirituality are coming to a head, and our environment is experiencing natural disasters daily such as Tsunamis, Tornados, Earthquakes, Mudslides, Wildfires, and more. We are living out the book of Revelation before our very eyes. The Great Tribulation is at hand, and we don’t want to be left behind to endure the wrath of God.

This book encourages self-analysis and growth so that we may begin the process of perfecting our walk with the Lord. Those who humble themselves will be exalted, and those who exalt themselves will be humbled.



Desensitized: The Vicissitudes of Life

Cultural conditioning and mass media manipulation have played a vital role in altering the fabric of consciousness for most of the world. Those who have been set apart have developed the discipline to remain aware in these final moments before hell breaks loose.

We are either committed or detached, sympathetic or heartless, we care, or we don't. Wherever you stand at this time, you will be accountable for your actions or lack thereof.

What the “New Agers” call Karma, the Bible has always called reaping what you sow, and judgment is close. This book looks at life during the worldwide pandemic, humanity's choices, and how Christians prepare for what’s to come.



Sprezzatura: The Free Age Movement

Once viewed as a Christian nation, America quickly became a melting pot of denominations. Entertainment eventually took the forefront, celebrities became our mentors, and improvising became a way of life. Whatever the core reason for the saturation, the lack of accurate spiritual guidance was prominent.

Although the nonchalant remain detached, others cannot accept the forced narrative. We all have free will until we don’t. There is one who sees and knows all. One who has our best interest at heart and wants us to succeed. Not everyone will heed the call or discover the way, but those who do will walk streets of gold in glorified bodies, never to experience death, sorrow, or pain again. Welcome to the Free Age!



Movement & Repose: The Righteous Ones

We exist in a nonspatial continuum, irreversibly moving in succession from one point to another. The choices we make lead us in a direction that will either be favorable or disastrous. The order of events in this life will have an outcome. There will be a conclusion that can occur at any moment for any one of us. After this life is over, there is another chapter that will begin. We will either continue our existence in a good or evil place. That destination is eternal, and it is determined by the decisions we make now.

Since we recognize that this world contains light and darkness, we must also realize which one we are contributing to. Are we of the light? Or are we of the dark? We’ve been allowed to learn and share the truth to lead souls to salvation in Jesus Christ, but have we done that? Do our thoughts and actions reflect what we show others? In the end, will our creator accept or reject us? Every one of us can talk to God. The question is, are we doing that regularly? Are we seeking a relationship with him? Are we studying his word and applying it in our lives?

In this stop-and-go lifestyle, distractions can lead to destruction. That’s why it’s so important that we stop being hypocrites and stick to the script. We have a common enemy operating in the shadows unseen. His goal is to lead us to Hell through sin. He can’t force us to do anything against our will, but he can and does tempt us. This book was designed to motivate the lukewarm, encourage the non-believers, and inspire the hopeless. None of us are perfect, but all things are possible in Christ who strengthens us. Heaven is filled with overcomers, and cowards don’t repent. Be an overcomer.



Kind: Those That Glow

A select few have been set apart and called out from the darkness. This unique group exerts an influence among those around them that permeates the atmosphere. They are meek, measured, and gentle. Peaceful, faithful, and joyful. They are unassuming and loving in a world filled with hate. This elect breed holds a position of great distinction. They are not of their own, for they were bought with a price. They hear their creator's voice and adhere to his ways. They walk as children of light with radiant luminescence. They are the Eternals.



Divine Descendants: The Reawakening

Coming Soon!!



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