Pilates classes

Alleviate Pain by Aligning Body and Mind

Everyday aches and pains, back and neck pain after a long day, or chronic pain from an injury or medical condition can be minimized or completely alleviated through Pilates classes. Safe and gentle movements are used to align the mind and body to build strength, flexibility, and proper posture. Awareness of both mind and body are achieved through precision, stretching, centering, breathing, and control, among other techniques.

Who Can Participate in Classes?

There are several classes designed to accommodate any age, fitness level, and health condition. A one-on-one session with a certified teacher begins the transformation. Assessments are conducted to determine the right class to take, discussion regarding personal goals takes place, and any questions are answered. People can decide if they want to casually attend classes, develop a schedule for themselves, or try a few classes to decide if the program is right for them.

Class Types

Classes will vary from place to place, so it is best to research each organization or facility. Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy, for example, offers classes specific to beginners, kids, pensioners, mixed groups, and pregnant women. There are mat classes, reformer machine classes, stretching, rehabilitation, and combo classes, as well as private and semi-private sessions. Eight locations are open for convenience. Those interested can see here to find the location closest to home or work.

Will This Form of Exercise Relieve Acute Pain?

While classes will alleviate many forms of minor pain, acute pain from an injury, accident, sports, or repetitive motion may require physical therapy at first. Physiotherapists are trained in treating injures, chronic pain, knee problems, and muscles sprains. Exercises and treatments build and expedite healing. Once the injury is healed, classes are an excellent way to increase agility and help prevent future injuries.


Prices for classes and physical therapy sessions are much cheaper than paying for medical bills and prescription medications for pain. The results are permanent with continued participation, and both the mind and body are improved. Pricing varies depending on the nature of the class (group or private), whether the class is conducted by an instructor or therapist, and frequency of attendance.

Discounts are offered to seniors, and corporate members. There are also money-saving concentration cards for ten classes or sessions at reduced pricing. A complete list of prices for all classes and services offered can be found at peakpilatesgroup. Descriptions of classes, what to expect, and informative and fun blog articles are also available, along with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).