I am joining the faculty of Information Systems at Ivy College of Business, at Iowa State University

I am a graduating PhD Candidate in Information Systems at Warrington College of Business, at University of Florida

Summer 2017: volunteer research assistant with Data-Smart City Solutions , Harvard Kennedy School

Summer 2016: data science fellow at Data Science for Social Good Fellowship at Georgia Tech

Summer 2015: data science fellow at "The Eric & Wendy Schmidt Data Science for Social Good" at University of Chicago

I received my MBA with a concentration in Information Systems from the College of Management at UMass Boston


Iowa State University

Projects-based course which provides an in-depth understanding of BA methods of visualization, data mining, text mining, web-mining, and predictions through the use of specific BA tools. For students who are interested in understanding advanced techniques and applications of data analytics and acquiring hands-on skills for making intelligent business decisions in data-rich organizations.

University of Florida

  • Business Systems 2 (ISM 3255- Object Oriented Programming in C #)
  • Business Systems 1 (ISM 3254 Object Oriented Programming in JAVA) - Syllabus


Open Science Database

Open Science Database is an experimental project being developed at ISOM Data Analytics Research Lab - Warrington College of Business - University of Florida

Business Journals Database

BRDB is an experimental database for research in Business

ISOM Data Analytics Research Lab

ISOM Data Analytics Research Lab is an academic research lab focused on novel and innovative applications of data analytics and big data for businesses

Work in Progress: Real Estate Analytics


12/2017 Invited talk at Sawyer School of Business, Suffolk

11/2017 Invited talk at Pamplin College of Business - Virginia Tech

11/2017 Invited talk at Ivy College of Business

11/2017 Invited talk at FSU College of Business

10/2017 Invited talk at Spears School of Business

09/2017 Invited talk at Jon Huntsman School of Business

09/2017 Invited talk at Solvay Business School, Brusells

09/2016 Outstanding international student award, University of Florida

09/2017 University of Florida “ISOM Department Teaching Award - Spring 2017”

04/2016 Presenting at UF ISOM Forum

10/2015 Big Data meets a social network

10/2015 Data Ambassador at DataKind - Taproot Foundation Project

06/2015 DSSG Team Finishes 2nd at Civic Hacking Event

03/2015 Data science mentor at Cornell's Data Science Hackathon

11/2014 Third place Winner in Interactive Sessions at INFORMS 2014

10/2014 Winner of the "Most Promising Research Advancing Science" at Teradata 2014

02/2014 Second place winner - Hoggetowne Hack 2014

01/2014 Winner of Innocentive Ideation Challenge: “Technology to Enable the Assessment of Student Speaking Performances"

09/2013 Beta Gamma Sigma, the premier honor society recognizing business excellence

08/2013 Honors Master's Thesis: "Predicting Hospital Patients’ Admission to Reduce Emergency Department Boarding"