MOPOS: Money in Politics Seminar


Welcome Everyone,

We are starting a new online work-in-progress seminar series on Money in Politics: MOPOS. We are accepting submissions for the Fall of 2022 and Winter of 2023 sessions.

We will have a series of one-hour meetings where people can present work related to money in politics. We encourage submission from scholars in all areas of money in politics. The paper can be early work in progress or a more advanced work in progress. We also encourage submission of pre-analysis plans and research designs. There is no need to send a paper in advance unless the presenter wants to.

We will meet on Thursdays between Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 at 5 pm Central European Time, 4 pm United Kingdom time, 11 am EST, and 8 am pacific via Zoom. The frequency of the meetings will depend on how many people submit. If you are interested, please submit an abstract and title for your project along with your name below on the date you can present:

We encourage everyone to sign-up if you work on money in politics-related projects and want to get some feedback. Everyone is invited to attend, but please do register.



Benjamin Egerod (Copenhagen Business School )

Mogens Justesen (Copenhagen Business School )

Nelson Ruiz (University of Essex - Government Department)