Our team is comprised of all volunteers from the community. They saw a need and addressed it by engaging their fellow neighbors and rolling up their sleeves and cleaning MJC up. Now they're on a mission to bring this land back to its former glory.

Samantha Yeung, Director

Samantha, a neighborhood resident, founded this project in September 2017. She is an enthusiastic marathon runner and loves to garden. Sam is involved with many NYC green efforts, including GrowNYC and other community gardens. And she has a lot of experience helping nonprofits grow and learn from others.

Elizabeth O'Connor, Coordinator

Elizabeth, a resident of the neighborhood since 1998, helped get this project going with Samantha in September 2017 by contributing her design and community outreach skills. Although she has a 'black thumb,' Elizabeth is willing to dig a hole as long as someone tells her where and how deep. She has previously run community-based programs for nonprofits and dabbled in curriculum and instruction for afterschool programs. She is especially interested in bringing young people to the cemetery to learn about colonial times and the families who are buried here.

Richard Hourahan, Historian

Richard Hourahan was not enthusiastic about history in his youth, and had primarily been interested in business, math and physical science. He studied chemistry for a short time as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania before being drafted as a soldier into the Vietnam War. After he got back to the United States he resumed his studies to finish a degree in business school and a master’s degree in computer software. It was only after a career in software database and archival work that he began to pursue an interest in historical knowledge and preservation.