Bridging Australia and the Cosmos

Moody Space Centre (MSC for short) is a space launch facility due to be set up at Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. MSC will attempt to create an Australian space industry that would serve the need to capitalise on the opportunities in the growing space sector while striving to maximise the direct benefits of space applications for Australian industries and catalysing the prospects of driving figures for job creation and employment upwards, in Australia.

We are working with the government to democratize space.

This comes in as Australia pushes for the stars with the creation of the new Space Agency. Now, with MSC adding to the thrust, that would greatly enhance Australia's market share of the global space economy.

  • The need to launch payloads and satellites into orbit has generated a substantial demand for launch platforms and services across the world. There are currently little to no active launch facilities for commercial & private space operations in Australia, thus prompting Australian companies and institutions to look up to external service providers to achieve their objectives for scientific progress in Space.
  • The provision of cost-effective launch services, through value added mission design involving cost efficient launch vehicle provider partnerships, a reliable space launch facility with the technology and a team that's highly skilled in the operations, can ensure Australia's success in organising launch missions that are economically lucrative in the Pacific region.
  • John Moody and the team are currently working to ensure Australia's success in the global space race.

What is the Pacific Joint Space Facility ?

A coalition of space-faring nations across the Pacific region through a network of Space Launch Facilities, partly funded by the space budgets of those respective countries. This is facilitated with a view to democratise the access to Space and Space-based operations, making commercial space launches accessible and affordable. This alliance will be supervised, operated and regulated by the home based HQ, Moody Space Centre, based out of Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

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