Meet Monte


I have just completed my 32nd year of teaching in Grand Forks Public Schools. I will use my expertise in education to help the North Dakota legislature focus on ways to ensure a quality education for all students. Education has always been central to North Dakota, all the way back to the Homestead Act. My parents loved education, but because of family finances, they had to quit before they graduated from high school. They passed that love of learning on to me. In North Dakota, we have an opportunity to really transform education. SB 2186 is a great first step, allowing teachers to do what they think is best for kids.

Several key factors contributed to my decision to run for the House. I want to make sure that all people have equal rights, regardless of their age, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. I want to represent each and every person and ensure that North Dakota is a safe and welcoming place for all people to live. I want to be an advocate for everyone and move beyond the labels.

If elected to represent District 17 in the North Dakota House of Representatives, I will listen to the stories that people are sharing, learn from my constituents, and lead for education and equality.


I grew up in Columbia Falls, MT and lived there with my younger sister, Dawn, and my loving parents, George and Dolly Zingleman. In 1979, my family moved to Watford City, ND, where I graduated from high school.

I am a first-generation college graduate from the University of North Dakota and I, as stated above, just completed my 32nd year teaching for the Grand Forks Public Schools. I am a Google Certified Innovator, a Google Certified Trainer, the past President of the North Dakota Association of Technology Leaders, and a former Board Member for Learning Forward North Dakota. I am currently a facilitator for Girls Who Code and a middle school advisor for the YORS Committee (GF Youth Commission). I also currently serve as a Board Member for the Grand Cities Children’s Choir.

My husband Geoff and I have five children: Keegan, Dawson, Megan, Madison, and Reagan. In my free time I like cooking, gardening, reading, and spending time with my family.