Monte Gaukler

North Dakota House of Representatives

District 17

Working Together, Moving Forward

My Mission

I believe our communities are stronger when we have a balanced government, a balanced budget, and a balance of representation for the hardworking people of North Dakota. I will work to strengthen K -12 and higher education for all students and teachers. I support inclusion for all North Dakotans and I will seek to expand access to behavioral health care.


I will use my thirty-two years in the classroom to be a strong voice for teachers and students and I will use my experience to assist with creating legislation that supports and funds education in North Dakota. SB 2186 gave us a great start to rethinking education in North Dakota, but we just started the conversation. Education is a resource that translates into local jobs and greater opportunities for everyone in our state.


It is vital that all North Dakotans feel safe and welcomed in their communities. North Dakota needs to expand nondiscrimination laws and address housing and employment issues to include sexual orientation as a protected class. In a 2015 poll administered by, 78% of North Dakotans under the age of 50 disagreed with the 65th Legislative Assembly and their stance to allow these issues to continue to plague North Dakotans.


Since 1893, North Dakota has had only 17 women elected to a statewide office. Currently, the ND House of Representatives is represented by 18% women. Providing female representation for the next generation is important in North Dakota. In ND, women earn, on average, 78 cents for every dollar the average man earns. More female representation in the state Legislature will make a very significant difference.

I would like to introduce the rest of the legislature to my concept of radical hospitality. I would appreciate your vote! Thank you! #Gaukler4House

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It has been a pleasure and honor to be one of the endorsed candidates from District 17. It would probably take me 12 hours to drive to Bismarck in my Bug. It could get me there, but I need your help. I would be honored to earn your vote on November 6th. #Gaukler4House

There is immense energy working cooperatively with empowered women. Angela Urlacher, Phyllis Johnson for ND Senate, and I have enjoyed our journey together and we are hoping to travel to Bismarck. We would appreciate your support on November 6th. #WorkingTogetherMovingForward

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Thank you for your support!