Monte Carlo Billions Slot Machine

Monte Carlo Billions slot is a slot machine created by software developers Playtech based on the luxurious lifestyle of Monte Carlo (naturally). With 20 win lines and a minimum stake per line of 25 pence it is an expensive slot machine to play at with the minimum total stake at £5 per spin.

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We were not sure how long or how far our budget would carry us on Monte Carlo Billions but obviously played the min stake but maximum lines. For the benefit of our readers who can enjoy the “high roller” status the maximum per spin is £1000!!

The paytable showed that there were numerous scatters and features to be won, with the roulette table being the special feature and a James Bond type character used as the “Wilds”. The scatter icons were chips with a question mark on them that would also result in an Exclusive Super Wild enhanced super set. On our first few spins we realized that each win gave us the chance to gamble.

This was the normal playtech bet on black, red or any of the suits bonus which can be good if you get it right, we just could not afford to get it wrong so we left it well alone for the duration of the game.

The sounds were fine and did not annoy us at all, simple sounds and effects were the only things we could hear when the reels spun and there was no real reason to turn the sound down.

This slot machine was not really giving us any real money back and our money pot was going down quite fast, this is definitely a slot for high rollers. Our best win so far was £15.25 when we got a couple of wilds but you have to remember that that was only another 3 spins. This win was quickly followed by a £22 win so things were looking a little bit better anyway, at least on the last 2 spins anyway.

Thankfully we then got three scatter symbols which gave us the opportunity to select numerous question marks which would hopefully give us some much needed “Free Spin Cash” the music during this was plain silly so we turned it down.

The free spins we got were nothing short of shockingly awful, ok, 14 isn’t bad but we expected a lot more than the £26 we got, bearing in mind it was £5 per spin we just did not feel as though we were rewarded enough for that amount of cash x free spin.

Monte Carlo Billions slot is most definitely for high rollers, yes it is only really a fiver a go but spin that 50 times and you are going into a major monthly wage scenario and one that we simply just could not afford. On saying that the game is entertaining if not affordable for most and this machine would really suit those that probably already live in Monte Carlo.

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