Mons Ignifer

Mons Ignifer

Mons Ignifer is a metal group from Seinäjoki Finland.

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Contact: Facebook @monsignifierband

Gigs - Keikat

19.9.2020 Bar 15 - Seinäjoki

7.2.2020 Jack The rooster - Tampere

14.12.2019 Anti-Xmas - Seinäjoki

27.9.2019 Bar 15 - Seinäjoki

Kitara / vokaalit

Jani Lahti


Jani Korkiamäki


Janne Palo


Mons Ignifer is a Dark Crossover metalband from Seinäjoki, Finland. Started as three-piece avantgarde/punk/prog/metal project in 2015. Late 2016 was a watershed moment, as a lot of musical improvisation turned to arrangeing and composing the songs, more than just improvising. In two different lineups, until 2018 - the name "Mons Ignifer" came up as the new material was rehearsed for atleast two years. Plastic Heaven single (recorded and mixed at Napalm to thy face prod.) was released 28.2.2019, on the national day of Finnish culture. Kalevalanpäivä - "The day of kalevala".

The band signed up Janne Palo as bass player in summer 2019. The production of a new material has been also on its way, and the plan is to release new material during autumn 2019 and early 2020.

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