Instructional Technologies

Welcome to the Moniteau School District Instructional Technology Integration page. We are striving to increase communication, improve the access of resources, and promote technology integration in Moniteau School District classrooms. This site is meant to be one place to go to explore resources. We will use this page to update you on technology happenings around the district.

Amber Dillaman - Technology, Instruction and Innovation Coach -

The "Teacher Resources" pages (linked at the top right of this page) have been updated and reorganized. For many of the resources, I have provided links to their websites which will show you the basics. Most of those sites have instructional videos that can help get you started. If you are wanted to try out a tool and need some advice just ask. Many teachers in our district are using these tools, so if I can't help, I may be able to point you to someone who can! Have fun exploring!

Do students learn better on devices? How about the perspective in this article... "Idea to retire: Technology alone can improve student learning."

"Ultimately, it is not the technology that does the teaching. Technology is a tool that is wielded by people to accomplish specific ends. While it can serve as an accelerator, it can just as easily accelerate poor strategies as effective ones. It is the teaching approach—the pedagogy—that ultimately determines learning outcomes."

Do you teach teenagers? Have children that are in their teens? Coach teenagers? Know a teenager? Take some time to view this Ted Talk and reflect.