Monis Bukhari

Social Engineering & Strategic Social Media Content Expert

With a solid foundation in marketing, communications, and investigative journalism spanning over two decades, I have honed my ability to inspire individuals to flourish in their personal and professional lives. As a seasoned social engineer and specialist in content development and social media consultancy, my expertise is in meticulously shaping and redefining media content to resonate with a diverse array of audiences.

My professional journey has been marked by a profound exploration of the intricate dance between art and science in intentional networking. For more than 20 years, I have dived deep into studying, practicing, teaching, and writing about the art of cultivating powerful conversations, building meaningful connections, and generating influential business referrals. My in-depth experience in investigative journalism and historical science lends a unique depth and breadth to my professional approach, as I skillfully navigate and influence social interactions towards desired outcomes.

As an artist with a keen focus on illustration, I specialize in the creation of distinctive pattern designs and intricate watercolor drawings. My artistic journey began in my early childhood, with a fascination for photography that took root when I was just seven years old. This passion has blossomed over time, influencing my perspective and fueling my creativity in the realm of visual arts.

Apart from my artistic pursuits, I'm deeply intrigued by social history, a field where I channel my writing skills through blogging. This fascination is intricately linked with my love for cartography and geography, subjects that provide a tangible link to the past and help thread stories of societal evolution. My written contributions in the domain of social history serve to illuminate the intricate tapestry of societal transformations and human experiences across time and space.