$4,259/week blueprint

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Easy passive $600/day in 3 steps:

Use this blueprint to go from $0 to $4,259+ in a week or less!

STep 1:

create Monetizer accont

Monetizer is the most popular and advanced Smartlink Network. You will not waste time on choosing offers, discussing them with a manager, waiting for approval - instead you will create a link, which redirects visitors to the best performing offers across the network.

It's so easy and fast, you can earn your first commissions minutes after your account is created, let's see how it works:

1) First of all you will need a domain for your links.

Navigate to "Manage Domains" (https://app.monetizer.com/domains ) section. You will find a step-by-step tutorial how to add a custom domain to your account, it will take literally 5 minutes to set up everything.

2) Done? Good! Now let's create your first smartlink.

Navigate to "Create Link" (https://app.monetizer.com/links/new ) section. Don't change anything, scroll to the end of the page and click "Create Link" button, it will generate your smartlink URL

3) Advanced settings (conversion tracking)

In case you need conversion tracking, add your postback URL here: https://app.monetizer.com/profile in the "Global Postback" placeholder. It should look like this: https://your-postback/?click_id={clickID}&payout={amount}

Add this: &cid={clickid} to the end of your smartlink URL

step 2:

Get push traffic

Why push? Simply because it works!

It's way cheaper than Native, Social and Search. It's way better-converting than Pop-ups, Redirects.

Hint #1:

The best source to begin with is Advertizer - the same network as Monetizer, so you will not face campaign strict moderation and as a bonus, since their push traffic is generated by Monetizer publishers, it fits perfectly for our smartlinks.

Hint #2:

If you decide to use another push network, we suggest buying only freshly-subscribed traffic (0-7 days) it will save your time and money.

step 3:

send traffic to your monetizer link

The fun part. Time to get creative!

The best thing about Monetizer is the coverage - you can monetise traffic from any location and any device, so the primary goal for you is to get as much traffic as possible at the least possible cost.

So "clickbait" is the key. Think of the best titles to attract user minds (hot news / deals / prizes / giveaways / etc.) use your imagination :) The best results are generated with relevant, up-to-date, exclusive and urgent notifications.

Some inspiration:

Once you generate clicks on your ads, Monetizer does all the money-making work for you:

Tips and tricks:

analyze trends

Trends page (https://app.monetizer.com/trends ) is very useful: you can see what kind of traffic is most wanted at the moment. Look for the highest EPC (earn per click) and try to drive as much push traffic as possible ASAP.

Look for hidden gems

Expensive GEOs (T1 countries) are very competitive, you will not buy them cheap. Check Trends for less obvious choices

check demand cpc

Monetizer push subscribers are sold at Advertizer platform. Have a look at their pricing chart and use it to your advantage! Generate expensive traffic.

Low volume = high CPC

High competition = even higher CPC

results after first 3 days:

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