Our vision

The problem:

the lack of access to health care for pregnant women living in isolated areas

The UNFPA estimated that 289,000 women died of pregnancy-related causes in 2013. While there has been a decline in worldwide mortality rates, high rates still exist in isolated communities.

Prenatal testing is a key element to improve maternal health: the WHO recommends that expectant mothers should be tested for glicemia, HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B. Studies showed that improving access to testing has beneficial effects in maternal health and mortality outcomes.

Unfortunately, many women living in isolated areas don’t have access to these tests.

Why is our solution unique?

We used our medical knowledge to apply a developed technology to a very specific problem - creating a customised strategic approach with a product that becomes becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Its development would be fast, as it uses already validated technologies, and would have practical consequences for public health.

For health care facilities, Momoby would represent reduced need for equipment, lower costs and easier logistics, when compared to venipuncture. For users, it would be a familiar device (similar to HIV testing), providing immediate results with reduced user effort, thus promoting patient empowerment.