When I graduated from college, I learned about the opportunity to sponsor the education of a child in India. It has been a joy to participate in this kind of charity. Later in my teaching career, I learned specifically about the Dalits and started to send support through a different organization. Having now found myself in a new chapter of life, I thought it would be a very meaningful venture to merge my hobby of photography with a strong desire to help the Dalits even more. It only costs $30/month to sponsor the education of one Dalit child. That is only one dollar a day! My desire is to create the opportunity for more children to receive an education. Thus, Moments of Beauty was created. With each note card sold, a child can be educated for more than 2 days.

Everyone loves to receive a handwritten note. In our age of electronic communication, sending a handwritten note card through the postal service, leaving it in a place where someone will find it, or including it with a gift, conveys a special touch for a loved one. These all purpose cards, with images that capture a sense of peace and beauty, are perfect for sending words of love, comfort, encouragement, celebration or humor. I hope you will enjoy looking at the pictures I have taken and revel in the peace and beauty of God's creation that exists all around us. And then I invite you to seriously consider whether you might join with me to help, in a small or big way, to make a difference in the life of a Dalit child. When you buy and send just one card, you are helping a Dalit child AND making someone's day extra special when he/she receives your card in the mail!