A06 Adult Mountain GoatGlacier NP
K17 Smiling LambDrumlin FarmLincoln, MA
A08 Mother, Baby SeagullSeattle, WA
A05 Mother, Baby Mt GoatGlacier NP
A09 Mother, Baby SheepScotland
A13 PorcupineNewton, NH
A15 Luna MothTyler, TX
A17 Red Tail HawkHaverhill, MA
B03 Blue BirdNewton, NH
B04 Robin's EggsStevens-Collidge PlaceNorth Andover, MA
L08 Moose in the MorningPittsburg, NH
B09 Mother, Baby StandgSpringdell FarmLittleton, MA
B07 Mother, Baby Head onSpringdell FarmLittleton, MA
E10 Eastern CottontailNewton, NH
B10 Wht Brestd Nut HatchIRWS, Topsfield, MA
J11 Monarch on Butterfly BushNewton, NH
K15 Guard DogLincoln, MA
B05 Peeking Billy GoatSpringdell FarmLittleton, MA
C07 Black Bear w BerriesMt Robson PP, BC
C13 Painted HorseOutside Boise, ID
C14 Buffalo National Bison Range, MT
C15 Cardinal in WinterIRWS, Topsfield, MA
C17 Gosling Flappng WngsMiddleton, MA
G07 Pollen Covered Bee
C20 Mule DeerIce Fields Pkwy, NP
D1 Gray Tree FrogNewton, NH
D02 Giant SwallowtailThe Butterfly PlaceWestford, MA
D03 Monarch ButterflyThe Butterfly PlaceWestford, MA
D13 Line of GoslingsHampstead, NH
D18 Trumpeter Swan FmlyJackson Hole, WY
F15 Tom Turkey TrioNewton, NH
F01 Doris Longwing The Butterfly PlaceWestford, MA
F03 Gray Tree Frog, HandNewton, NH
L09 Deer Family by Apple TreePittsburg, NH
F09 Buffalo Nursing CalfYellowstone NP, WY
F16 Loons Webster LakeFranklin, NH
F14 Prairie DogDevils Tower, WY
N02 Piglets at Big EWest Springfield, MA
G06 Barred OwlPlug's PondHaverhill, MA
F18 Child's HandThe Butterfly Place'Westford, NH
F19 Adult ElkYellowstone NP, WY
G01 Gray SquirrelNewton, NH
G02 Sheep Peering InsideSpringdell FarmLittleton, MA
G03 Lamb with Black FaceSpringdell FarmLittleton, MA
G04 CaterpillarNewton, NH
G05 Osprey FamilyOregon Trail, ID
M01 AlpacaLincoln, MA
C18 Seagull on PostAcadia NP, ME
G08 Great Egret FishingNewburyport, MA
G09 Osprey PairOregon Trail, ID
M03 Desert Spiny LizardDesert Botanical GardenPhoenix, AZ
G11 Singing Meadow LarkNational Bison Range, MT
G12 Blue Dasher DragonflyNewton, NH
D16 Eastern Carpenter BeeNewton, NH
G13 Harbor SealsSalisbury Reservation, MA
H08 Tricolored GoatPlaistow, NH
H14 Turtles SunbathingWest Springfield, MA
H15 Great Blue HeronWest Springfield, MA
H17 Sleeping PigletsWest Springfield, MA
J07 What Cookie?Acadia NP, ME
L04 Monarch CaterpillarSandown, NH
J10 Turkey PoultsChester, NH
A07 Big Horn SheepGlacier NP
J12 Barred OwlHaverhill, MA
J15 Painted TurtleIpswich River, MA
J16 Squirrel by Bird FeederNewton, NH
J17 Turtle KingIpswich River, MA
J18 Bullfrog ReflectionIpswich River, MA
L02 Chrysalis at Town HallSandown, NH
B16 Single Mute SwanWinnekenni ParkHaverhill, MA
K20 Loons at SunriseSpofford Lake, NH
M10 Pileated WoodpeckerMerrimac, MA
L12 Green HeronWest Springfield, MA
L01 Butterfly on Bridge of FlowersShelburne Falls, MA
H02 Cat in the WindowPlaistow, NH
K11 Turkey FamilyNewton, NH
M12 Cow in Winter with BellGranville, VT
N06 Barn Swallow ChicksRussell OrchardsIpswich, MA